Assess and monitor SAP security with ERPScan

ERPScan released the version 2.1 of their Security Scanner for SAP, which is currently the only solution on the market to assess and monitor 3 tiers of SAP security: vulnerability assessment, ABAP code review, and SoD conflicts.

SAP security assessment usually takes quite a long time. Additionally, the complexity of the system and large amount of different installation types require the participation of specialists from various fields of security.

The latest ERPScan module allows you to analyze Segregation of Duties conflicts as well as check your system for critical authorizations in various areas like HR, Revenue, Expenditure and more. While SoD problems were covered by some tools before, ERPScan allows you to expose them remotely from the assessor’s laptop without installing anything on the SAP server.

The other modules, namely ABAP source code review and Audit, also work remotely, so ERPScan partners can enjoy the best solution to analyze the security of their clients with minimal time and effort.

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