Bloxx launches VMware virtual appliance

Bloxx released virtual appliance versions of its Web Filter and Secure Web Gateway. The virtual appliances have identical functionality to the current hardware appliances, making them an ideal choice for organizations that have a virtualization strategy and are looking to move their security infrastructure to a virtual environment.

“These new virtualized products build on Bloxx’s solid foundation in appliance-based Web filtering and security, but also deliver all the benefits offered by virtualization,” said Graham Twaddle, Chief Technology Officer at Bloxx. “Bloxx is now able to offer unrivalled Web content filtering that includes our patent-pending real-time content analysis and categorization engine, Tru-View Technology, either as a hardware or virtual appliance”.

The new Bloxx Virtual Appliances offer:

  • Genuine real-time content filtering and classification – dramatically improved coverage of the Web over filters which rely solely on out-of-date URL databases or keyword scanning.
  • Gateway level security – keeping networks and users secure (with enterprise-grade Sophos anti-malware protection in the Bloxx Secure Web Gateway).
  • SSL Filtering – reducing the growing risks of HTTPs traffic.

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