Cloud-based document security from SealPath

SealPath launched its cloud-based software solution for Professionals and Enterprise users. Using SealPath technology, documents containing sensitive business information are encrypted before they are uploaded to the cloud.

Users can then centrally manage access permissions to view, copy, print, edit or share documents in real-time, even after files have been downloaded to a USB or mobile device. SealPath creates document security for businesses and works with the most commonly used Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files.

“Business data is increasingly “more mobile’, and many companies rely on a combination of infrastructure on-site and in the cloud, while collaboration is positive, we’ve also lost ownership over our documents. Once shared, due to negligence or disgruntled employees unprotected files could eventually lead to costly data leaks,” said Luis Angel del Valle, CEO and Co-founder, SealPath. “Today, the true security perimeter of a company lives within each document and document security must apply everywhere your files travel. All this must be done without changing the way we work or impacting productivity.”

SealPath’s simple drag-and-drop interface can protect one or multiple files right from your PC and it takes only minutes to set up an account. Via the internet, users can control in real-time who can access files, how many days they can access information for and create customized permissions. After files have been protected with SealPath documents can be loaded to common file sharing sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync or Box.

SealPath Professional is aimed at individuals, SMBs and SOHOs who need to share documents with significant value for their business. It is suitable for industries such as design and patents, medicine and biotechnology, finance and legal or manufacturing among others.

SealPath Enterprise is perfect for work groups within organizations who rely on collaboration. With SealPath Enterprise you will know who within your organization or team has access to important documents that have been protected. You can also find out who outside your organization has access to protected documents and revoke access even when the documents are not in your power. SealPath Enterprise is designed for small and medium-sized companies or work groups within large enterprise.

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