BirdStep updates SafeMove mobile VPN solution

Birdstep Technology released SafeMove Mobile VPN 7.0 (MVPN), which introduces several features, including performance, manageability and user experience improvements.

Windows 8 support
SafeMove has inbuilt support for Windows 8, enabling use of virtual smartcards using the TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module).

IPcomp IP payload compression
SafeMove 7 incorporates the IPcomp IP payload compression protocol for IPsec. When both client and gateway support IPcomp the payload of data packets will be compressed before encryption. For compressible data such as text, this can have significant performance benefits, especially for bandwidth restricted links over WWANs (Wireless Wide Area Networks).

Windows smart card CSP support
SafeMove now supports the new Windows smart card CSP authentication function in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Advantages include support for Windows 8 virtual smart cards (secured by the Trusted Platform Module hardware), support for Microsoft class drivers for smart card and driverless support for PIV-cards.

Wi-Fi Configuration provisioning
Windows Wi-Fi/WLAN configuration profiles can be provisioned in SafeMove 7 clients and centrally managed using the SafeMove Manager. Both password protected networks (WEP, WPA) and unprotected networks are supported. In practice this means that the administrator can provision Wi-Fi networks as part of the Mobile IP client configuration process. When a laptop or tablet comes within range of a provisioned Wi-Fi network, the Mobile IP client will automatically configure Windows for access to it.

WISPr Hotspot Login
Some Wi-Fi network operators support a standard called WISPr, for automatically logging on to the hotspot (smart client). This feature adds WISPr protocol 1.0 support to the SafeMove Hotspot Login Assistant, enabling fully automatic and zero-click access to many hotspot networks after initial setup.

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