Why BYOx is the next big concern of CISOs

Wisegate released new research from its members that demonstrate how CIOs and CISOs are working to achieve the right balance between employee productivity and information security as they face growing IT consumerization trends, such as BYOD and more recently BYOx (where x = anything from the latest mobile device to personal apps, web services, cloud storage and more.)

Today BYOx has become a catch-all term that encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies and services that are not managed (or in some cases even approved) by the corporate IT organization, but are being used by the workforce to get their jobs done.

Meeting worker mobility and productivity expectations while minimizing security, privacy and regulatory risks is undoubtedly a tall order for any CISO to fill.

“As it becomes increasingly easy for departments to deploy their own web-based business application or for employees to back up corporate data to a cloud-based service without any IT department assistance, many CISOs are questioning how they can support mobile productivity demands while still adhering to corporate policies,” said a Wisegate member and CISO of a Fortune 100 company. “Like all security leaders, Wisegate CISO members are sorting through these same issues—and finding benefits from the ability confer with others—to get advice and learn from the experiences and successes of their peers.”

Through this report, Wisegate makes key member BYOx insights and experiences—that are typically shared only between members—available to the broader Information Security community. This report features the latest practitioner answers to tough questions such as:

Which devices to support – bring-your-own, company-issued, or both—and how best to manage them?

File sharing – how to protect data that is being stored outside the organization and which vendors offer file sharing solutions to help?

Custom applications – and how to control workers’ access to other applications?

“Wisegate encourages frank discussions about industry challenges and solutions including specific products and vendors,” said Sara Gates, Founder and CEO of Wisegate. “The purpose is not to promote or discourage the use of any product, but rather to share experiences of what works well and what doesn’t in a given situation. Wisegate’s mission is to democratize information by putting the collection, curation and communication of technology information directly into the hands of IT practitioners.”

The complete report is available here (registration required).

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