Trend Micro releases web app security offering

Trend Micro Web App Security is a service offering that provides enterprise-grade security with vulnerability detection and protection for web applications and the platforms they are deployed on throughout an organization.

Aligning with Trend Micro’s vision that all Web application communications can be secure, the cloud-based service includes the ability to issue unlimited SSL certificates and can be calibrated to the specific security needs of each application.

“You can’t get a clear picture of your vulnerabilities without both automated and manual testing, and you need to test the whole stack,” said Wendy Nather, research director of the Enterprise Security Practice at 451 Research. “Integrating all of this testing makes it much easier for the enterprise to be consistent and thorough in its risk assessments.”

A part of the Trend Micro Cloud and Data Center Security Solution, the service delivers detection capabilities across web applications and the platform environments they are deployed on. Detection extends beyond vulnerabilities alone to include web application malware checking and web reputation management giving organizations a complete picture of their web security posture.

Web App Security also includes automatic protection at the platform level and native integration with leading web application firewalls to provide a closed loop of protection that is simple to manage and easy to deploy. By offering an intelligent approach to web application scanning that includes both automated and expert analysis, false positives can be avoided and organizations empowered to focus on actual areas of concern, including compliance auditors for regulations like PCI and HIPAA.

Trend Micro SSL certificates are widely trusted across all major browsers on PC, Mac and mobile devices. In addition, enterprise-class management is tightly integrated into the central console of Web App Security for a seamless administrative experience.

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