IOActive launches security intelligence service

IOActive launched its new Security Intelligence Service, to help arm organizations with prioritized critical security insights based on their business.

World-renowned research capabilities and extensive experience providing security-related consulting to many of the world’s largest and most demanding companies makes it possible for IOActive to offer a Security Intelligence Service like no other.

Unlike typical vulnerability feed services, IOActive uses its industry- and customer-centric experience to deliver highly customised attack information that is tailored to the specific industries and businesses of its customers.

Additionally, the information is prioritized based on the customer’s particular business dynamics and delivered as actionable intelligence. IOActive can also support customers with response, remediation, and prevention capabilities based on the intelligence provided.

This service gives customers critical insight that cannot be effectively extrapolated for their specific business from even the best data feeds or big data crunching solutions, much less have it before it’s actually public.

Customized and prioritized early warning data enables organizations to better implement action plans and apply resources based on the threat(s) identified and the potential business impact(s).

Chris Valasek, director of security intelligence for IOActive comments: “Today, there is an overabundance of security information available to organizations. While most organizations have a security team to assess this information, they might not have the expertise to filter and refine the information to know what to do with it. IOActive’s new Security Intelligence Service arms our clients with the information they need to remediate and activate defenses, while also providing the distillation and projection of threats that executive management teams require.”

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