Neohapsis and Arxan protect sensitive apps

Neohapsis and Arxan announced a partnership to offer enhanced tamper-resistance and self-defense built into a comprehensive application security strategy.

According to recent Gartner research, “applications and data are the main focus of modern cyberattacks. The widespread availability of application attack technologies and the changing nature of attacks, from “mass’ to advanced and targeted, require better technology and skills to detect and deter. It is also critical to remember that attacks come not only from the outside, but also from the inside of the enterprise.”

“Not every application is the same—the reality is that some are more sensitive than others and deserve greater security,” said Mike Dager, CEO of Arxan. “Through this partnership with Neohapsis, we can offer software developers in every field the ability to design and implement a much higher level of protection within the binary code in order to defend, detect and rapidly react to attacks. This will help organizations innovate and release high-value applications with confidence.”

In today’s mobile App Economy, hackers are shifting their attacks from breaching the network and device perimeter to directly compromising sensitive applications. Mobile and packaged applications with sensitive binary code are often exposed to reverse engineering, tampering, malicious code injection, IP theft, data compromise, fraud and other forms of exploitation.

Even supposedly flawless code can sometimes be cracked with readily available hacking tools, such as decompilers, hex editors and debuggers. These trends escalate the need to enable applications to protect themselves against such attacks, prior to release to distributed or untrusted environments.

The new combined solution integrates Neohapsis’s risk assessment, secure development lifecycle (SDLC), and risk mitigation capabilities with Arxan’s integrity protection and tamper-resistance technology to feature an end-to-end application security solution tailored to match the maturity and size of the overall security program.

Among other advantages, the solution features benefits — ranging from advanced threat assessments and vulnerability findings, to greater resistance to unauthorized tampering and reverse engineering — to prevent brand compromise, fraud, IP loss, or piracy.

“Application security represents a moving target, with threats and deployment environments changing regularly,” said James Mobley, CEO of Neohapsis. “The best defense requires combined strategies with best-of-breed offerings, and that’s why we’re proud to partner with Arxan Technologies in taking this solution to market. We believe this combined offering represents a new frontier in high-value application integrity and security.”

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