Aruba Networks releases cloud Wi-Fi solution

Aruba Networks announced a new cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution that combines the simplicity of a cloud service with the performance, manageability and reliability of enterprise-grade WLANs.

The Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution combines the new Aruba Central cloud-based management service with Aruba Instant APs – including the new Instant 155 wireless and wired AP, the new Instant 220 series 802.11ac wireless AP, and a new version of Aruba Instant OS, to meet the requirements of diverse, distributed organizations and mid-sized networks.

The Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution doesn’t sacrifice critical enterprise capabilities such as performance, resiliency and flexibility for simplified, cloud-hosted management. With Aruba’s solution, organizations get up to 10x faster Wi-Fi connections than competitive cloud Wi-Fi solutions, guaranteed wired and cellular uplink failover options, 100% survivability in the event of a WAN link failure, and the choice of cloud subscription or on-premise management.

In addition, Aruba offers the only WLAN that extends from corporate to branch and home, with a single architecture and single point of policy and management. This eliminates the architecture dilemma faced by many organizations with central sites and remote locations that are struggling to find a way to manage their branches and remote workers as a seamless part of their organization.

Key benefits include:

  • Faster Speeds, Better Performance: The Aruba Central database was designed with web-scale performance to allow users to quickly access large amounts of management data in the cloud. In addition to demonstrating 10x faster speeds than competitive solutions at high density, the Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution includes the new Aruba Instant 155 AP, providing 450Mbps performance in 802.11n, and the new Instant 220 series APs providing up to 1.3 Gbps performance. Combined with Client Match and airtime fairness, which allow more clients to move faster on the network, always-on scanning to avoid performance-slowing interference, and optimized Wi-Fi channel use and power to speed client connections, Aruba’s cloud Wi-Fi delivers significant improvements in WLAN performance.
  • Enterprise-class Resiliency and Reliability: Aruba’s cloud Wi-Fi solution is the only WLAN that is 100% functional without a wide-area network (WAN) link and the only one that delivers redundant wired uplinks, as well as fast failover VPN links to other sites. In addition, Aruba Central is hosted at multiple locations with multiple providers, ensuring maximum availability around the world.
  • Architectural Affordability: Aruba offers the only WLAN that can deliver a single architecture across controller-based and cloud-based Wi-Fi deployments. This allows organizations to cost-effectively deploy one solution across headquarters, branch and home, with flexible cloud-based, on-premises and free, on-AP management options. Aruba’s WLAN is also singular in its offering of both local and centralized authentication options. In addition, the subscription includes expert technical support for Aruba Central, enhanced with rich online knowledge bases and community support at no extra charge.

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