Kaspersky updates Small Office Security

Kaspersky Lab has announced a new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security, a security solution built specifically for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. This solution includes new features that help small businesses stay ahead of modern security challenges.

According to IDC estimates, there are more than 75 million businesses worldwide that operate with fewer than 10 employees. These “very small businesses” will process millions, if not billions, of dollars in 2014. Yet this segment has been traditionally under-served by IT security vendors that don’t offer products with these businesses in mind.

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes new features, and a host of technology upgrades and improvements, including:

Safe money to protect online banking – By automatically activating new layers of protection when users are conducting financial transactions online, businesses can now pay invoices, make purchases, and access online financial data with peace of mind. Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning Safe Money technology automatically activates an ultra-secure web browser whenever the user visits a financial site, such as an online bank or payment service. The Safe Money browser ensures no unauthorized programs can run and on-screen data is protected from key-loggers and screen-capture malware. Safe Money will also verify that the website users are connected to is authentic and has a valid certification to defeat phishing attempts, and constantly monitors the connection to ensure information is not intercepted by cybercriminals.

Enhanced mobile device support – Small businesses are not immune to the challenges of protecting a mobile workforce and the fast-growing BYOD trends. Kaspersky Small Office Security now includes support for Android tablets and smartphones, equipping these devices with an array of anti-malware, web browsing protection, and privacy controls. Most importantly, these devices will now have Kaspersky Lab’s latest anti-theft technologies, allowing employees to find missing mobile devices, or remotely wipe the data from stolen mobile devices.

Automatic exploit prevention – This unique technology prevents cybercriminals from using emerging vulnerabilities in legitimate software, commonly known as Zero Days, to launch malware attacks. By proactively monitoring the behavior of commonly-exploited software, such as Adobe and Java, Automatic Exploit Prevention will protect customers from undiscovered exploits and ensure customers are protected even if the latest updates to their legitimate programs have not yet been installed.

Password manager – Secure passwords are a foundation for secure computing, yet all too often, users take the more convenient options of using simple passwords, reusing the same passwords for multiple accounts, or keeping a list of their passwords on a piece of paper next to their desk. With a password manager, employees can get back on track with good password habits, and only need to remember a single “master password.” Kaspersky Password Manager will store passwords in an encrypted vault, and automatically fill-in the correct password when needed. It can also create customized secure passwords for new accounts so employees won’t be tempted to re-use existing passwords, and enables employees to create a secure portable version of their password vault on a USB drive.

Online backup – Small businesses can now automatically save their critical data securely in the cloud or to a local hard drive or server. By making the backup process simpler, small businesses can be assured their most important business plans, financial records, and customer data will remain accessible in case of equipment failure or accidental deletion.

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