Secure Dropbox data using a hardware security token

Intrinsic-ID released Saturnus, an application that enables enterprises to protect digital assets stored and shared on Dropbox.

With Saturnus, files are encrypted before they leave the device and are uploaded to the cloud. The encryption keys are generated and managed inside a (USB) hardware security token plugged into the user device. What differentiates the Saturnus solution is that the security is in the control of the end user and anchored both in the hardware and the software by means of private and local keys.

Saturnus is ideal for enterprises as it makes secure data access easy to manage and implement. The USB tokens can be handed out to employees, just like a badge to enter the building. It allows file-by-file encryption and sharing, so users can select the specific data they want to secure.

Saturnus leverages the Hardware Intrinsic Security technology (HIS) developed and patented by Intrinsic-ID. HIS technology protects the secret keys used by Saturnus and adds an extra layer of protection. Instead of keeping keys in software only, security is anchored in the hardware. Secret keys are extracted from the hardware properties of the smartcard chip in the USB token, like an `electronic fingerprint’ used to anchor the cloud data with the physical device. Since the keys are not present when the device is switched off, a very high security level is achieved.

HIS technology comes with reference credentials and a proven track record in the smartcard, government, automotive, networking and telecom industries.

“With a billion files synched every day via Dropbox, the industry is clearly moving to a “sync and share” model, which provides greater flexibility and ease of use but also presents bigger security risks,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO of Intrinsic-ID. “Our announcement takes this working paradigm to a new level by making security a seamless part of the equation. With our solution, users can easily “secure, synch and share’ their data and enterprises can be confident that the data is safe.”

The Saturnus Promotion Bundle is available for enterprises for 59,99 Euro (excl. VAT). The bundle includes one USB token and a three-year license of Saturnus software. Currently both Android 4.x and Windows XP/7 devices are supported.

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