GFI Cloud gets remote control and screen sharing

GFI Software announced the addition of remote control and remote access capabilities as part of a major update to GFI Cloud, the company’s IT platform for SMBs. GFI Cloud enables IT administrators to easily manage and secure servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices from a single, intuitive, Web-based user interface.

The addition of Remote Control in GFI Cloud enables IT admins to launch a secure remote support session and take control of a computer from the same centralized web-based console. Based on the technology used in the popular TeamViewer remote access utility, Remote Control in GFI Cloud enables admins to connect, take control and screen share with a user’s client computer with just one click of the mouse – launching a secure connection within the GFI Cloud web console and allowing the admin to have immediate access to the rest of the security and network management modules they have also purchased.

Remote Control gives IT admins full audio and video access to a client computer, as well as file transfer, cut, copy and paste capabilities between remote client and host. Multiple remote connections can be launched within GFI Cloud and sessions can be recorded for training, compliance and diagnostic review.

The ability to remotely manage and control individual clients is an increasingly important tool for IT departments as modern workforces are frequently located across disparate working locations including home and field workers as well as multiple office and branch locations. GFI Cloud simplifies this process, and enables IT admins to deploy and monitor a variety of tools including antivirus, web filtering and network monitoring to users regardless of their location. Remote Control also enables IT staff to remotely investigate issues and understand why an issue manifested on a particular machine, for example being able to see and rectify why a patch failed to install. With GFI Cloud, a disparate workforce and a centralized IT resource can work much more cost effectively and efficiently.

“Remote access and control is increasingly important for today’s IT departments that need to support both on-premise and remote workers. Desk-side visits are both time consuming and costly so having the ability to connect to and control a client in need of support remotely and form a single console can have a substantial positive impact on the cost of IT for smaller organizations, as well as helping reduce the workload of those charged with looking after IT within the company,” said Sergio Galindo, general manager of the Infrastructure Business Unit at GFI Software. “GFI Cloud is already helping SMBs worldwide cut costs and simplify key parts of their IT software management. Adding Remote Control is a logical progression that continues this approach.”

Remote Control for GFI Cloud is priced from £16 per computer, per year. Multi-year and service bundle discounts apply. All subscriptions come with GFI’s globally recognized customer service support, available 24/7, and software maintenance.

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