Monitoring tool profiles user behavior to reveal human risk

BalaBit unveiled Blindspotter, an IT security tool that analyzes all user activity, including malicious events, occurring throughout IT systems.

Blindspotter features monitoring capabilities that map and profile user behavior to reveal human risk. It tracks and visualizes user activity in real-time for a better understanding of what is really happening on the network.

The tool integrates a variety of contextual information in addition to standard log data, processes them using a unique set of algorithms, and offers a wide range of outputs from warnings to automatic interventions.

Blindspotter delivers a comprehensive activity dashboard and prioritizes security events using advanced data science algorithms. With the tool, it is not only possible to discover the potential risk, but with real-time alerting and blocking functionality, stop threats dead in their tracks. With advanced monitoring across every aspect of an IT system, the software prevents sensitive and critical data from potential security breaches, from both internal and external attacks.

Top use cases for Blindspotter include:

Detect APT: lowers the impact of potential breaches

Log message noise reduction: significantly decreases the processing and storage costs associated with handling the logs that are being produced by the IT infrastructure by the millions by prioritising them according to their importance. This allows customers to optimize the use of their resources.

Decrease the complexity of security controls: increases the level of security without introducing additional control layers.

Optimize SIEM alerts: increases the awareness of security teams, allowing them to see malicious activity happening “under the radar”.

BalaBit’s current product portfolio – syslog-ng (log management) and Shell Control Box (privileged user monitoring) – are perfectly complemented by the deep behaviour and risk discovery provided by Blindspotter. BalaBit’s product development has accelerated since the London based C5 Capital, Europe’s first investor dedicated to the security and data sector, invested $8 million in the company in June 2014. The release of Blindspotter is the first result of the funding.

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