OverWatchID introduces Dynamic WebUI Engine for privileged access management

OverWatchID announced the release of its Dynamic WebUI Engine for privileged access management (PAM). The Dynamic WebUI Engine supports network infrastructure web user interfaces (WebUIs). OverWatchID is helping customers protect their information technology infrastructure in an automated fashion.

OverWatchID’s WebUI Engine extends PAM support to the 15 WebUIs currently being used in the market. Legacy PAM companies, in contrast, may only connect to Windows and Linux servers or provide a toolkit requiring customers to build and maintain their own connectors. The Dynamic WebUI Engine will add new WebUIs as they come online.

OverWatchID was the identity security vendor to extend full PAM support with dynamic updating to both CLIs and WebUIs, including vendor support for Arista, Cisco ASA, Cisco Meraki, Citrix Netscaler, Juniper Networks and VMware vCenter.

OverWatchID has now expanded the roster of supported vendors to include Brocade, Cisco Firepower Management Center, Cisco Nexus, Dell Equallogic, Dell IDRAC, F5 BigIP, Fortigate, IBMC card, NetApp, Nimble Controller, Riverbed, LILO, Sophos Central, Splunk Enterprise,Trend Deep Security and Qualys VM.

OverWatchID now integrates with dozens of used WebUIs to automate the following:

1. The onboarding of these systems into the PAM platform.
2. The brokering of connections and credentials to these systems for privileged users.
3. The updating of these connectors as vendor updates change elements like post fields.

“To truly protect access to an organization’s critical assets, a PAM solution must protect Windows servers, Unix servers, network infrastructure and cloud assets,” said Cameron Williams, founder and CTO of OverWatchID. “OverWatchID is the first and only PAM vendor to deliver this holistic approach.

“Legacy PAM vendors put the burden of writing connectors onto the end user, and that is a failed approach,” continued Williams.

“Every time a WebUI changes, the legacy connectors break. By contrast, OverWatchID’s Dynamic WebUI Engine adapts to changing vendor fields, ensuring a durable connector that won’t break.”

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