Financial institutions fight cybercrime with intelligent platform from Fiserv and BlueVoyant

Fiserv and BlueVoyant announced a strategic alliance to deliver a managed security platform that addresses the needs of financial institutions – from threat detection, response and remediation to regulatory compliance and reporting.

Using resources and data that go beyond what is available to banks and credit unions, Fiserv and BlueVoyant provide detection, real-time response and automated remediation of suspicious activity targeting internal systems using an integrated combination of network and endpoint monitoring, threat intelligence and behavioral analytics.

These are among a range of intelligent security capabilities offered by Fiserv to enable financial institutions to understand emerging threats and establish multilayered defenses to minimize risk, prevent fraud, help ensure compliance, and enable consumers and businesses to transact with confidence.

These capabilities embody an approach that emphasizes fact-based security decisions and measurable outcomes, facilitating intelligent financial experiences.

This new solution complements other cybersecurity solutions offered by Fiserv, including Sentry Cyber Security and SecureNow, which are designed to mitigate risks within the financial institution as well as risks associated with customer-facing services such as digital banking platforms.

“Fiserv and BlueVoyant are delivering a leading-edge cybersecurity solution that is both broader and deeper in its protection than any other solution we evaluated,” said Elizabeth Macias, Chief Information Officer, Ponce Bank.

“Cyberattacks are a very real threat to financial institutions today, and we are pleased to have implemented this robust tool to protect our customers’ money and their data.”

Disparate cybersecurity components, an inability to customize solutions to their needs, and a shortage of qualified cybersecurity talent can make it difficult for financial institutions to defend internal systems against attacks.

Fiserv and BlueVoyant help overcome these challenges with a cybersecurity platform that orchestrates an organization’s internal cybersecurity modules and provides a portal with actionable, plain-English alerts, along with cybersecurity experts who work to remediate threats to the institution.

Financial institutions receive consolidated reports to simplify regulatory compliance, and professional threat remediation that allows IT staff to focus attention on building business value.

The long-term strategic alliance between Fiserv and BlueVoyant is fortified by an investment from Fiserv in BlueVoyant, a company led by cybersecurity experts formerly with the National Security Agency, FBI, and British and Israeli intelligence services.

“Adversaries are targeting banks and credit unions of all sizes with sophisticated attacks,” said Byron Vielehr, Chief Administrative Officer, Fiserv.

“By working with partners like Fiserv and BlueVoyant, financial institutions can access capabilities and insights to make their cybersecurity strategies exponentially more effective than if they went it alone.”

“It’s time to end the hacker advantage,” said Jim Rosenthal, CEO, BlueVoyant. “The solution we’ve developed jointly with Fiserv closes the information and organization gap and offers financial institutions the advanced defenses previously only available to the largest banks and government agencies. These defenses are essential to protect financial institutions, our industry and our economy.”

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