Trend Micro launches product to protect telecom networks serving business and home users

Trend Micro announced the launch of a product that enables telecom carriers as well as service and cloud providers to protect telecom networks.

This solution is customized for network function virtualization architectures, which networks are being built upon.

“The telecom industry is undergoing a profound change as service providers scramble to support the proliferation of devices available on the market and future-proof networks for the coming 5G standard,” said Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro.

“Our solution offers carriers exactly what they need: comprehensive security that operates in high data volume environments that is optimized to cope with the dynamic nature of modern architectures.”

The newly available product, named the Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite is a virtualized set of network functions that sits on the carrier network applying URL filtering, application control, intrusion prevention and IoT reputation.

Service providers are now enabled to offer protection for IoT, business and home users.

Enterprises have counted on Trend Micro to protect their corporate networks for years. This new product is the result of re-packaging and customization to meet the demands of new users.

The new offering is being met by a number of companies, including:

“Soracom welcomes the release of Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite,” said Ken Tamagawa, CEO of SORACOM Inc.

“Soracom supports IoT businesses by providing a comprehensive IoT connectivity platform. We expect that combining the pay-as-you-go Soracom platform with Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite will deliver powerful new capabilities for users who need safer and more secure IoT systems.”

“NEC provides telecom and cloud providers with cloud solutions which utilize the latest SDN/NFV technology,” said Toshifumi Uesaka, General Manager, Service Platform Division, NEC Corp.

“We are convinced that the combination of our latest technology and Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite will provide users with enriched next-generation services via value-added security.”

“IIJ welcomes the release of Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite,” said Kiyoshi Ishida, Managing Executive Officer at Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

“IIJ has previously partnered with Trend Micro to develop SDN/NFV technology and conducted numerous experiments to bring forth the next generation of network security. We will continue this collaboration to commercialize security solutions optimized for the IT infrastructure of end users.”

Trend Micro’s new solution allows security resources to be allocated and configured for different services.

Additionally, these services can be scaled as needed when traffic increases. It utilizes the data plane development kit for high-speed packet processing, ensuring performance.

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