Kroll expands Identity Theft and Breach Notification solutions to UK

Kroll has been providing data breach response and identity theft remediation and restoration services in the United States and Canada since 1999, assisting clients with cases that have affected more than 110 million individuals. David White, based in London, has been named leader of the service line’s expansion to the UK.

“Kroll’s experience managing breach notification for firms of diverse sizes across multiple industries and regulatory regimes will be of particular value to organizations now subject to EU General Data Protection Regulation incident response mandates,” said Brian Lapidus, global leader of Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification business.

“For many organizations in the UK, the GDPR notification requirements will be unknown territory. We have helped hundreds of organizations with the immediate and long-term repercussions of a data breach – maintaining operations, mitigating regulatory action, protecting consumers and preserving brand value – and stand ready to support our clients in the UK and their affected data subjects at every point in a crisis.”

David White continues: “We are excited to expand Kroll’s identity theft and breach notification solutions in the UK. The depth and breadth of our in-country resources are built on best practices honed over two decades, but also reflect a unique understanding of the region’s business and regulatory environment. At this seminal stage of GDPR enforcement, Kroll’s time-tested processes will set the bar by clearly demonstrating to all stakeholders – including regulators, data subjects, cyber insurance carriers and the media – the measures our clients have taken to address and mitigate harms caused by a breach.”

Kroll’s data breach and identity theft notification services help clients prepare for the eventuality of a breach, working closely with clients’ staff, legal counsel and cyber insurance carrier, Kroll will assist in four areas: Notification, UK-Based Call Center Support, Personal Information Monitoring and Identity Theft Restoration.

Kroll’s experience in diverse industries enable it to assist with notification to the most sensitive populations and critical situations.

Call center services are scalable for the breach populations, and can accommodate 40 different languages and dialects.

Monitoring services leverage Kroll’s technology to scour the public, deep and dark web for breached information that is then further contextualised by Kroll’s team of cyber analysts.

Individuals impacted by the breach receive direct access to Kroll’s Fraud Specialists, who can consult on concerns, investigate issues and work to resolve confirmed cases of identity theft.

Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification business is part of Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice, which offers end-to-end solutions that help clients become cyber resilient, able to prevent, detect, and recover from persistent and emerging cyber risks.


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