QuantLR partners with PacketLight Networks to secure next-generation networks

QuantLR LTD and PacketLight Networks will work together to form a more secure optical network by jointly developing an integrated QKD solution.

The partnership came following the recent signing of a Letter of Intent between the two companies, where they will cooperate and share information required for the development of the QKD solution as part of Layer 1 encryption of fiber optic link. The intention is to demonstrate the solution at the site of one of PacketLight Networks’ customers.

“We are happy to collaborate with PacketLight Networks to advance Quantum encryption solutions that are proven to be the only ultimately secured solutions to any eavesdropping and hacking attempts of communication lines in the present and in the future,” said Yanir Farber, CEO of QuantLR.

“The collaboration with a leading company such as PacketLight Networks will accelerate our development process and enables us to offer the market a low-cost solution. The quantum encryption market is predicted to reach a sales volume of more than $24Bn in 2025 and we plan to be a significant player in this market.”

“Data security has become the most important aspect in data center connectivity over fiber and DWDM networks,“ says Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight Networks.

“Partnering with QuantLR will allow us to provide an innovative encryption solution leveraging quantum mechanics to maintain a high level of data encryption at an affordable cost, answering our customers’ future security needs as they evolve in both complexity and importance.”

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