Acronis enables third-party developer access to the Acronis Cyber Platform

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, announced the opening of its core platforms, enabling broad, third-party developer access to the Acronis Cyber Platform to encourage expanded functionality and application integrations, while expanding their opportunities in Acronis’ large ecosystem.

The Acronis Cyber Platform, which is the foundation of the company’s existing services, features a series of APIs supported by software development kits (SDK) and sample code. Acronis is opening the platform with new open APIs, providing the kind of access that was previously available only to Acronis and select integration partners such as ConnectWise, Microsoft and Google.

By accessing the platform, developers can create new data sources, new data locations, new data management functionality, and integrate their applications with Acronis cyber protection solutions. Additionally, they can integrate Acronis into their application, system or marketplace.

By doing so, ISVs, OEMs, service providers, resellers and customers can drive new revenue and solve a greater number of use cases for themselves and the Acronis ecosystem. Acronis currently serves a community of 50,000 channel partners, 500,000 businesses and 5,000,000 end-users.

Bringing cyber protection to life

Launching the Acronis Cyber Platform brings to life Acronis’ vision that modern cyber protection should incorporate data protection, cybersecurity, and privacy. Modern data needs are growing daily from the amount of data to its different uses to the number of data sources and locations.

The only way to fully manage and safeguard that data is to address all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection – namely the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of data (SAPAS).

Existing Acronis services for backup, file sync and share, notary, and disaster recovery are already designed for SAPAS and are built on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, Acronis Cyber Cloud and the APIs of the Acronis Cyber Platform.

“Extending our proven cyber protection solutions with the opening of our platform and its APIs brings our vision to market and presents an opportunity for ISVs, OEMs, service providers and developers at organizations to extend their applications and extend the functionality of the Acronis suite or cyber protection solutions and make them available to our partner ecosystem,” commented Acronis’ Founder and CEO Serguei “SB” Beloussov.

“We’re known for engineering excellence and we hope to see rapid innovation by developers around the world as they leverage the massive growth of the world’s data, coming from sources such as AI, IoT, edge, and cloud. ISVs, OEMs, service providers, customers and partners can differentiate and drive revenue for their businesses by building on the Acronis Cyber Platform and accessing the Acronis value chain.”

Accessing the platform opens tremendous possibilities for third-party developers to address each specific vector or all five vectors at the same time – just as Acronis Total Protect does.

A revolutionary product that will be officially released at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit, Acronis Total Protect delivers a new level of cyber protection by merging backup, cybersecurity and system management capabilities into one solution.

Committing to a cyber future

As part of today’s announcement, Acronis will be changing its product branding to reflect the growth potential cyber protection presents to the company and its partner ecosystem:

  • Acronis Cyber Cloud (formerly Acronis Data Cloud) is a platform that enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an efficient and secure way. The upcoming update to Acronis Cyber Cloud 7.9 will be available to all Acronis customers and partners by the end of April, and will include support for G Suite backup and protection against crypto-miners, among many other new capabilities.
  • Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (formerly Acronis Software Defined Infrastructure) is a scalable software-defined infrastructure solution that uses industry-standard hardware and combines all types of storage workloads.

According to Phil Goodwin, research director at IDC, “research estimates that as many applications will be deployed in the next five years as have been in the previous 40 years, driving the need to not just manage data better, but to apply new security protection for that data.

“Acronis has been transforming its go-to-market strategy and rapidly growing its roster of channel partners, and now, with the Acronis Cyber Platform Acronis plans to help them grow their revenues, reduce churn and differentiate, all through the use of API-driven solutions and the Acronis marketplace. Acronis has targeted cyber protection, and the new open Acronis Cyber Platform should accelerate their ecosystem.”

Partners welcome Acronis Cyber Platform

“Acronis is a close partner and marketplace leader,” said Jeff Bishop, Chief Product Officer, ConnectWise.

“The company has held the innovation banner high in the fast-growing convergence of data protection and cybersecurity. We are excited to have a role in the Acronis Cyber Platform through meaningful mutual integrations, which will certainly elevate the end-user experience.”

ConnectWise’s software is used by more than 25,000 companies and an ecosystem connects them to an extensive marketplace of solutions.

“Many of our clients have subscribed to our solutions that leverage the Acronis Backup Cloud,” said Jason Nolan, Eze Castle’s Vice President of Business Development.

“Increasingly our clients have been asking for support in accessing and extracting insights from these backups. Now, with the Acronis Cyber Platform, developers can build solutions on top of these backups in new ways—adding value and a competitive edge for their clients.”

Eze Castle is a leading provider of managed cloud services and technology solutions in the investment management industry.

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