Cynet Free IR tool offering empowers responders to know and act against active attacks

The saying that there are two types of organizations, those that have gotten breached and those who have but just don’t know it yet, has never been more relevant, making sound incident response a required capability in any organization’s security stack.

Cynet free IR tool

To assist in this critical mission, Cynet is launching a free IR tool offering, applicable to both IR service providers in need of a powerful, free incident response platform, and to organizations that either suspect security incidents and want to get immediate visibility into what happened, or that know they have a breach and need to respond immediately.

Incident response is about getting two things done as fast as possible: accurately knowing breach scope and impact; and ensuring that all malicious presence and activity are completely eliminated. Cynet introduces unmatched speed and efficiency into both aspects with its new free IR offering.

Cynet free IR tool

Cynet free IR tool

“We see that many organizations and service providers struggle to get the threat visibility they need,” said Eyal Gruner, co-founder of Cynet. “IR is an extremely time sensitive process and having the required threat visibility up and running in minutes is a must.”

The need to deploy an additional product is in many cases a hurdle – in an IR context, fast and seamless deployment is not a nice-to-have. It will often make the difference between successful containment and critical damage. Another delaying factor is the need to manually hunt and investigate for threats by correlating activities and configurations.

Cynet 360 is ideal for incident response purposes for several reasons. Its SaaS-based, lightspeed distribution enables coverage of thousands of endpoints in minutes. Its automated threat discovery radically reduces the manual investigation time, and its complete set of remediation actions enables responders to recover from any type of threat. With Cynet you can, among other things:

  • Get instant visibility to all entities in the internal environment: users, hosts, files, running processes and network traffic.
  • Easily locate live attacks and determine their scope and impact.
  • Remove malicious files, disable compromised users and block risky network connections with the click of a button.
  • Automate threat discovery and removal processes.
  • Leverage Cynet central management to distribute other open source tools across the environment.
  • Hunt for threats in real-time using IOC feeds.

“It’s true that incident response is many times outsourced, but we’ve put a lot of thought into Cynet 360 so it can be used by an internal team as well,” said Gruner. “There’s a lot of gray area here. What if you only suspect a breach but are not sure? Cynet IR can easily tell you what’s going on. Once you know, you can decide if you handle it internally or not.”

Like it or not, breaches are part of our reality. To acknowledge that means to ensure that you have what it takes to confront them. Anyone that’s involved in incident response, whether as a service provider of end user, should seriously consider upgrading its current capabilities with Cynet free IR.

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