Intertrust Seacert PKI service provisioning more than 1.5 billion secure device identities

Intertrust, a pioneer in secure and trusted distributed systems technology, announced at IoT World Expo that its Seacert PKI (public key infrastructure) service has passed a significant industry milestone having provisioned more than 1.5 billion secure device identities, on-time and error-free.

Leveraging its position as the preferred provider of trusted digital certificates that authenticate the identity of devices and services, today’s news underscores Intertrust’s expanding role as a leading Certificate Authority for IoT.

Unlike most Certificate Authorities, Seacert is purpose-built for consumer electronics and mobile, offering a highly scalable, secure infrastructure. Having met the rigorous standards needed for WebTrust compliance, Seacert addresses the challenging authentication and certification needs of today’s hyper-connected world.

In Forecast: IoT Security, Worldwide, 2018, published by Gartner in February 2018, 39% of respondents said that security was one of the top three technical barriers to IoT implementation success, higher than any other factor. Gartner also predicts that worldwide IoT security spending will reach $2.46 billion by 2020.

Even as the industry continues to grapple with how to best secure vast IoT deployments, secure device identities are a fundamental component of building trust.

Seacert supports a variety of business processes, credentials, and revocation mechanisms, delivering key cryptographic provisioning and management services enabling device manufacturers and software developers to deploy products and services securely, quickly and cost effectively.

It supports a variety of cryptographic standards and protocols to secure these enterprise-grade ecosystems including the billions of IoT devices coming online in the next few years.

“From controlling connected thermostats and improving healthcare to significant industrial IoT applications like authenticating grid equipment and renewable energy systems, IoT’s promise comes with serious security risks that can lead to lost revenue, brand impact and liability, and real threats to human safety,” said Bill Horne, vice president and general manager of Intertrust Secure Systems.

“Seacert is backed by Intertrust’s decades-long track record of protecting and governing digital content, data and applications, and its foundational patent portfolio. We understand the complexities of securing devices at scale, even in the most challenging environments.”

Seacert key to trusted infrastructure

Seacert provides certificate authority and managed PKI solutions for the healthcare, automotive, smart cities and critical infrastructure, and media and entertainment industries. Seacert is WebTrust compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified and specializes in delivering cryptographically secure device identities at a massive scale and at a low-cost.

Tailored to distinct customer needs, Seacert creates cryptographically secure device and service identities, enabling any device to participate safely and securely in a connected ecosystem. Device identities can be provisioned in the factory in bulk, or in the field through a scalable cloud provisioning service.

Seacert Professional Services works with customers to customize any part of the IoT ecosystem including custom X.509 certificate extensions, specialized CRLs, code signing, key derivatives and authorization certificates.

Seacert works with major chipset manufacturers so that IoT device manufacturers can take full advantage of cryptographic hardware features available on today’s processors.

Seacert delivers a single solution with countless applications. Whether protecting transactions and data privacy within the IoT ecosystem, delivering the level of approved trust management services required by DRM services, or delivering certificate management services for secure messaging, Seacert services are key to any trusted infrastructure.

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