Greenbone Security Feed detects and protects against more than 70,000 vulnerabilities

Greenbone Networks, a leading provider of vulnerability management, announced that it now detects and protects against more than 70,000 vulnerabilities through its Greenbone Security Feed.

The daily feed now contains 70,343 vulnerabilities, up from 50,000 in 2016, and organisations can cross-reference this information against their own IT networks to check for vulnerabilities.

The Greenbone Security Feed includes details of all the latest vulnerabilities identified by security experts from around the globe and Greenbone develops targeted Network Vulnerability Tests (NVT) so customers can identify and plug any gaps in their defences.

The Security Feed is Greenbone‘s foundational technology and works by using a scanning engine which automatically checks any device connected to a particular network for known and potential security vulnerabilities.

Since threat scenarios change on a daily basis, the Greenbone Security Feed ensures test routines are up-to-date and – based on CVE reports and information provided by manufacturers – new certified tests are created every day. Since the launch of the vulnerability database in 2008, an average of 17 new tests have been added each day.

Dirk Schrader, Greenbone’s chief marketing officer, commented: “With the number of hardware and software vulnerabilities growing so rapidly, it is absolutely critical that companies recognise the part vulnerability management plays in an organisation’s over-arching IT security strategy.

“Precautionary measures such as vulnerability management are only a fraction of the cost that arises from an actual attack, which can hit revenues, profits, customer confidence and can also make organisations susceptible to hefty GDPR-related fines.”

In addition, those responsible for IT security can drastically reduce the attack surface of their networks by being aware of these vulnerabilities early on and pre-emptively protecting their networks against them.

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