eGlobalTech launches Auxilium, an AI solution for federal and commercial organizations

eGlobalTech, A Tetra Tech Company, is pleased to announce the launch of Auxilium, eGlobalTech’s premier Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution.

Auxilium is an open source chatbot solution which answers internal and external stakeholder questions efficiently and effectively, empowering teams to focus on higher-level tasks and complex business problems.

An innovative and impactful tool for both federal and commercial organizations, Auxilium:

  • Understands intent
  • Answers questions in milliseconds
  • Monitors impact through a customizable dashboard of detailed analytics
  • Supports your brand through tailored answers and the interface’s aesthetic
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing tools, including Salesforce and Slack
  • Replies to voice commands, increasing accessibility
  • Assists stakeholders’ securely with data protection and access control
  • Avoids significant changes to your system, negating the need for an Authority to Operate (ATO)

Jesus Jackson, eGlobalTech’s Head of eGT Labs, said, “Our chatbot is designed with the latest in machine learning and AI technology to troubleshoot questions while reducing your team’s workload. With Auxilium’s support, your employees can focus on the bigger picture.”

eGlobalTech’s AI chatbot has endless possibilities for organizations, from relieving a help desk to assisting with internal training to supporting web portal service functions.

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