FireMon Global Policy Controller for NSX released

FireMon has unveiled Global Policy Controller (GPC) for NSX, a solution to deliver persistent network policy enforcement across dynamic virtual, multi-cloud and multi-platform environments.

FireMon Global Policy Controller for NSX

Today’s architectures evolve around application frameworks in hybrid environments, GPC automates security across diverse network and security products regardless of vendor, where the backbone is the VMware NSX architecture. With a consistent operating model built to manage changes and risk, GPC perfectly complements and extends the security capabilities of VMware NSX.

Security leaders are charged with protecting network assets and securing customer information. To accomplish this, CISOs need functionality based on a solid but actionable network security infrastructure that allows them to quickly optimize rules and add global policies without having to overhaul the underlying DevOps foundation. GPC provides an approach to automation for complex, virtualized network environments and allows network administrators to manage infrastructure with speed and agility.

“Disruption has shaken the walls of the network environment as enterprises balance more agile workflows and faster time-to-market,” said FireMon Chief Product Officer, Don Closser. “As these demands accelerate adoption of virtualized networks, a shift in the character of security operations takes place. The ability to scale and integrate with VMware NSX is a critical business requirement for enterprise security leaders charged with keeping pace with the speed of business to support innovation while ensuring a strong security posture.

GPC removes complexity for security professionals in the trenches. With visibility across virtual and traditional distributed firewalls, GPC ensures that enterprises get the full benefit of the private cloud, which for many enterprises these are the table stakes of the future for virtualized environments. While others may claim levels of intelligence or zero-touch, GPC ensures efficient delivery of compliant security configurations in seconds, global visibility and management of network security posture, and continuous security command and control for traditional and virtual platforms.

GPC can interpret, visualize and manage firewall policies and compliance across VMware NSX and multi-vendor firewall environments. This removes the time and effort needed to learn the management functions, compliance, and provisioning details of VMware NSX and other firewalls in the environment. GPC also provides visibility into where applications are being deployed.

With a policy compute engine optimized for VMware NSX environments, GPC delivers hybrid and multi-vendor abstractions and enables DevOps teams to define intent of the application access. By using existing development tools, including vRealize, Pivotal, Ansible, and others, GPC enforces security policies behind the scenes. With GPC:

  • There are no new GUIs, tools to learn
  • Security provisioning and workflow is streamlined
  • Compliance is checked and validated, even in programmatic workflows
  • There is increased visibility and communication between DevOps and security teams
  • With a CI/CD model, manual firewall changes and provisioning tickets are eliminated.
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