New Razberi features use deep packet inspection to monitor video quality and camera security

Razberi Technologies has extended its Razberi Monitor solution with new video health monitoring features. Razberi leverages its patent-pending deep packet inspection technology to assure security professionals that their cameras are providing secure and reliable audio and video streams.

Razberi’s latest software automatically reboots cameras and sends alerts when problems are detected.

Razberi Monitor provides complete system health and cyber monitoring solutions for video surveillance systems. Razberi Monitor integrates video health with award-winning Razberi CameraDefense for a complete camera health and cybersecurity solution. Razberi Monitor also detects video server, storage and malware issues in real-time.

Video health monitoring with the camera reboot feature is immediately available with Razberi’s EndpointDefender™ and ServerSwitchIQ™ intelligent edge video appliances.

Customer impact

According to Stephen Schwartz, VP of Product Development at Razberi Technologies, “The camera reboot feature automates a major remediation step, saving Razberi customers time and money.”

Razberi’s EndpointDefender and ServerSwitchIQ with video health monitoring enables Cook Security Group to save on the cost of sending maintenance crews to check on potential downed cameras. The camera reboot feature eliminates the need to physically check a camera for data loss and automates the process.

“This feature will greatly benefit our customers, along with our NOC, many times a camera needs a simple reboot to restore functionality,” said Daniel Smallwood, VP of Product at Cook Security Group. “Solutions like this are exactly why we partnered with Razberi!”

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