KORE’s new IoT platform simplifies and improves IoT solutions and enhances business performance

KORE, a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor delivering transformative IoT business performance, introduced the KORE One IoT platform and the first two services built on KORE One: SecurityPro and ConnectivityPro.

KORE One is a robust API-based, open-architecture, modular IoT platform that provides a new approach to IoT solution development. The platform is designed to provide organizations with the best-in-class infrastructure they need to host existing IoT applications and services, as well as facilitate the quick and efficient introduction of new applications.

The first tools and services built on the KORE One platform were also introduced today: SecurityPro, a network diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for monitoring and securing IoT connections on a device level, and ConnectivityPro, an industry-leading platform for managing network connectivity from multiple carriers and satellite providers.

KORE One is the foundation for KORE’s customers to build additional solutions on in 2020 and beyond, and KORE will continue to launch new services off the same platform with the objective of being a differentiated, industry-leading IoT platform player over the coming period.

“KORE One, SecurityPro, and ConnectivityPro are the result of our significant investment in creating new tools and services to simplify and improve IoT solutions across a range of applications and enhance business performance across industries,” said Romil Bahl, President and CEO of KORE.

“KORE One is designed to enable our customers to quickly and fully capitalize on the limitless opportunities of IoT by ensuring that the services offered are always evolving and feature the latest technologies.

“We look forward to empowering our customers to rapidly develop new applications on our platform, in addition to bringing our own new services to market beyond SecurityPro and ConnectivityPro.”


The KORE One IoT platform delivers best-in-class technology, tools, and services to enable innovation, business agility, and speed-to-market for long-term IoT success. Its open, modular, and scalable architecture provides a future-proof foundation for services and solutions to deploy, manage, and scale solutions quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

KORE One is designed to offer unrivalled flexibility and accelerate speed-to-market for IoT solutions across industries. KORE One creates the foundation for KORE to provide Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) providing customers their data, normalized and enriched, securely from their devices.


SecurityPro, a network diagnostic and security tool, provides network visibility and actionable intelligence to protect IoT devices and data by alerting on potential anomalies and mitigating security risks.

This tool enables organizations to; easily set rule-based alerts and notifications to gain visibility into unplanned device behavior, take action more quickly and ultimately resolve issues faster; reduce data overages and billing costs; quickly identify security breaches and mitigate risk; and address vulnerabilities before they become a costly reality.


ConnectivityPro effectively manages, monitors, and controls IoT network connectivity across multiple carriers and satellite providers delivering a streamlined user interface with service-oriented APIs supporting full automation of connectivity management activities; fully-featured provisioning, diagnostics, reporting, support, and billing; proactive monitoring in real-time to events, usage and costs with rule-based actions and alerts; as well as integrated, “a la carte” micro-services supporting solution components that simplify IoT deployments.

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