HYAS Insight: A threat intelligence solution for investigation and attribution

HYAS, a leader in threat intelligence and attribution, announced HYAS Insight, a threat intelligence and attribution solution that improves visibility and productivity for analysts, researchers and investigators while vastly increasing the accuracy of their findings.

HYAS Insight

HYAS Insight lets analysts connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical and real-time indicators of compromise faster than ever before, bringing invaluable new intelligence and visibility to security efforts.

“Enterprises struggle to locate and counter advanced cyberthreats and face the continuous challenge of defending against attacks that can cost millions in financial, brand, operational, and regulatory losses,” said David Ratner, CEO of HYAS.

“HYAS Insight delivers threat intelligence and attribution capabilities that enable enterprises to rapidly identify the actors behind these attacks, map their infrastructure, and take action to avert future attacks.“

According to Gartner, “Threat intelligence capabilities can make your digital businesses more resilient. Security and risk management leaders will need to evaluate the capabilities and features of TI [Threat Intelligence] offerings and match them to the needs of their security programs.”

HYAS Insight is the successor to HYAS Comox, a premier industry threat attribution solution used by leading Global 2000 enterprises. HYAS Insight provides a completely revamped user interface and includes the following key features:

  • Visibility and insight: See the entire picture using Insight’s ability to unmask, correlate, and map together all the assets of an adversary
  • Improved analyst productivity: Unique incorporation of diverse datasets enable confident, accelerated decision-making during investigations and incident response
  • Accuracy and fidelity: Detect, identify, track, and alert to new adversary activity as they establish and operate malicious campaigns, enabling you to take preemptive action
  • Easy deployment and collaboration: Web interface and API access enable enterprises to easily integrate HYAS Insight into existing security toolsets, boosting collaboration and accelerating workflows
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