Webinar – Getting Inside the Mind of an Attacker: TLS Attacks and Pitfalls

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a common cybersecurity protocol that is frequently seen in email, web browsers, messaging, and other communication methods that take place over networks. TLS is relied upon to ensure secrecy using different techniques like encryption, hash functions, and digital signatures.

webinar TLS attacks

These days, however, nothing is immune to attack, so despite being designed to improve security, threat actors have still managed to find ways to exploit TLS.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about and get recommendations on how to defend against common weaknesses vulnerability scanners uncover and attacks targeting TLS, including:

  • Weak security certificate signatures
  • Unworthy certification authorities
  • Key exchange misconfiguration
  • Manipulation attacks like BEAST, CRIME, and POODLE

Join expert ethical hacker Ernesto Alvarez on April 9 as he reviews the different pieces of this complex protocol, discusses how to prioritize these risks, and provides actionable advice on potential remediation measures.

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