IRONSCALES Themis is now fully autonomous in the classification and removal of email threats

IRONSCALES, the pioneer of self-learning email security, announced that Themis, its AI-driven virtual security analyst, now has the ability to be fully autonomous in the classification and removal of email threats.

Since first being released in 2018, Themis has helped render verdicts against more than 100 million trending and zero-day phishing attacks, including some of the most complex techniques, such as polymorphism, business email compromise and ransomware.

Security analysts can now measurably increase the speed and accuracy of their email security by allowing Themis to make time-sensitive decisions on email threat mitigation without any human involvement.

“Themis is an invaluable resource with its autonomic capabilities,” said Vern Scoggins, CISO of IRONSCALES customer Polypore International. “We chose Themis because of the volume and level of sophistication of phishing emails is steadily increasing. The time it takes for an individual to analyze and respond to every phishing email is far too long.”

Themis is part of IRONSCALES self-learning email security platform, which gives end users and security professionals the right training, tools, and intelligence, to hunt, log, alert, analyze, and remediate phishing attacks. In total, the virtual security email analyst is now more than 93% accurate in resolving incidents, giving SOC teams overwhelming confidence in her ability to make decisions autonomously.

Themis accuracy-level has increased exponentially due to IRONSCALES’ approach of having humans and machines constantly working together. Specifically, IRONSCALES proprietary data labeling technology that assesses millions of technical data points is combined in real-time with human vetted decision making by security analysts.

This ever-evolving ecosystem or feedback loop has provided Themis with the unprecedented intelligence needed to render highly accurate verdicts on email security incidents.

With phishing mitigation, time is of the essence

Today, the majority of enterprise SOCs lack the dedicated resources to detect, investigate and respond to suspicious emails as quickly as phishing mitigation demands.

Additionally, the eruption of coronavirus has led to more employees across the globe working remotely, and cybercriminals are exploiting this dynamic with thousands of new attacks related to the virus, such as those purporting to deliver critical information from established sources like the World Health Organization.

To be effective against the growing email phishing threats, SOCs require both more automation and more human oversight. With Themis, IRONSCALES customers have access to the unique combination of artificial intelligence and real-time decision data from the world’s largest community of security analysts, now boasting more than 1000 analysts and counting.

“Themis is not just automated, it’s autonomic,” said Eyal Benishti, IRONSCALES founder and CEO. “Never before have SOC teams had access to the combination of patented AI and years of human experience, in one resource. Themis acts as another member of the team. Without anyone ever having to think about, much less interact with her, Themis does her job.”

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