Download: CISO Checklist for Secure Remote Working

The recent mass transition to working remotely coupled with cyberattacks introduces a heavy burden on the CISO. The CISO Checklist for Secure Remote Working provides a concise, high-level list of the absolute essentials needed to ensure their organization is well protected in these challenging times.

cynet ciso checklist

The checklist is built of five pillars:

Security Technology: A recommended list of product categories that should be installed and configured.

Security Team: Every team, regardless of size and dedication level, has a set of procedures to handle ongoing security operations routinely. These procedures must be at the very least refreshed, and in many aspects updated.

General Workforce: People are increasingly vulnerable to all sorts of social engineering manipulations. Awareness, education, and security drills are essential to arm your workforce against these attacks.

3rd Party Service Providers: Whether your organization performs all its security tasks in-house or not, it’s time to consider outsourcing some of the more skill-dependent mission to a domain expert MSSP – or at least make sure that all IR and security management operations are adequately covered.

Management Visibility: The organization’s executives must have full visibility both into the CISOs efforts as well as to the actual security posture.

This checklist is no longer available.


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