Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0: Enabling Ops teams to accelerate incident detection and resolution

Moogsoft announced the release of Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0, a complete AIOps platform that enables IT Ops and DevOps teams to build a virtual Network Operations Center (NOC) and work more effectively from anywhere.

Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0

Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 consolidates visibility and control of monitoring tools to help entire IT Ops and DevOps teams reduce noise, prioritize incidents, reduce escalations and ensure uptime. Working from anywhere, the IT operator can now easily analyze alerts, logs, metrics and traces to find and resolve the root cause of incidents before they become outages.

With version 8.0, customers can create a Virtual NOC using the Moogsoft Situation Room to collaborate throughout the incident management process, and diagnose and resolve problems quickly, regardless of team members’ physical location. The platform also provides IT Ops teams a single-pane-of-glass to replace multiple screens each dedicated to different monitoring tools.

New features also enable teams to quickly identify actionable issues via new advanced noise reduction analysis and automated topology visualization for root cause analysis. Additionally, version 8.0 expands the platform’s integrated Workflow Engine (WE) with advanced collaboration add-ons to help customers connect with any existing system of record or escalation process.

“Moogsoft helps us better use our monitoring system to boost uptime, availability and ultimately deliver a Fanatical Experience for our customers,” said Greg Hrncir, Senior Vice President, Global Technical Support at Rackspace.

“With AIOps, we can identify whether an alert is isolated to a single device or multiple devices, route the alert to the team best suited to provide support, and aggregate alerts into a single notification via Situation notices.”

“With Moogsoft AIOps we didn’t miss any events that led to major outages in the past 12 months,” said a Moogsoft customer at one of the world’s 10 largest investment banks. “We have application support teams using the Moogsoft Situation Room, and we see their tickets going down since adopting it for incident detection and resolution.”

Alert Analyzer

Moogsoft offers customers the unique ability to leverage its patented noise reduction AI, known as Entropy, for more effective correlation. The new Alert Analyzer provides customers an intuitive user interface (UI) to visually configure, identify anomalies within, and fine tune the platform’s alert processing.

Dynamic Topology Builder

The new Dynamic Topology Builder provides the virtual NOC with a greater level of visibility into the correlation process, based on logical, virtual and physical topological relationships. This unique feature allows customers to immediately gain real-time expanded insights into incidents, and visualize the probable root cause and potential impact associated with current and neighboring services.

Enhanced Workflow Engine

The latest iteration of the Moogsoft AIOps Workflow Engine (WE) now enables customers to configure workflows and drive outcomes through an intuitive UI for each of the WE modules:

  • Ingest: delivers user control for advanced configuration of the event flow.
  • Enrich: enables customers to quickly enhance incoming data streams with external data sources including CMDB data directly from ServiceNow.
  • Automate: delivers new functionality with Ansible and Puppet to drive advanced remediation solutions.
  • Ticket: allows bi-directional integration into tools such as ServiceNow, Remedy and Cherwell.
  • Collaborate: easily configure PagerDuty, xMatters and Slack for users to directly communicate with the Situation Room team members.

Enhanced correlation and versioning of ML configurations

Version 8.0 delivers new platform functionality for transparency and control over the deployment of ML algorithms. New versioning, rollback and history capabilities allow customers to audit new deployments, enabling them to add, track, delete and change ML algorithms where necessary.

“In today’s business environment, AIOps is critical to continually assuring uptime of the digital services and experiences that connect companies with their customers,” said Moogsoft Founder and CEO Phil Tee. “Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 allows IT Ops and DevOps teams working from anywhere to regain visibility and control over the scale and complexity of those services.”

New integrations

Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 debuts new out-of-the-box integrations — including with AWS Firelens to ingest EC2 log files and with Opsgenie for on-call management. These Integrations are easily deployed via the UI and accelerate customers’ time to value.

PagerDuty bidirectional integration

Moogsoft today also announced a new joint solution based on a bidirectional integration with PagerDuty for alert notification with any given Situation. This new functionality engages DevOps engineers in seconds, pointing them in the right direction with contextual and proactive insights to resolve incidents before alerts create business impact.


Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 will be generally available in May. Annual subscriptions are priced based on either monthly event volume or managed entities. All subscriptions include 24×7 support and full product updates, and can be deployed in public or private clouds, or on premises.

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