DXC launches CIR app to help orgs identify, address and manage non-IT corporate incidents

DXC Technology introduced its Corporate Incident Response (CIR) application for ServiceNow to enable organizations like Banco Santander, one of the largest retail and commercial banks in the world, and the Nordex Group, one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, to quickly and proactively identify, address and manage important non-IT corporate incidents, such as those related to facilities, physical security, and environment, health and safety.

The application, built on the ServiceNow platform, allows businesses to reduce their risk profiles and overcome situations before they evolve into companywide crises.

The CIR application provides an end-to-end workflow management solution to manage, track and respond to non-IT-related issues in an efficient, standardized manner.

“In today’s world, business disruptions are inevitable. While operational resilience has been around for years, a change in mindset is required in order to prevent, respond to, recover from, and most importantly, learn from and adapt after crises occur,” said Dan Stoks, vice president, Global ServiceNow Practice, DXC Technology.

“The Corporate Incident Response application can work with ServiceNow’s integrated risk management and other workflows to enable organizations to securely manage crisis response workflows and risks to the business.”

Key features of the solution:

  • Situation rooms — provide a central point of collaboration for dispersed organizations to orchestrate response teams and plans and monitor and evaluate the overall picture.
  • App notifications — provide the ability to send companywide notifications, such as alerts, push notifications, email and SMS to predefined groups as well as external partners and customers.
  • 360-degree view — provides the management team with a 360-degree view of where the organization stands on corporate-related incidents, so they can make fact-based decisions that reduce their overall risk profile.

Banco Santander streamlines crisis management systems with DXC CIR app

Banco Santander wanted a single platform to manage its global facility and security processes and replace its previous system with a new, digitized platform.

Using the DXC CIR application with ServiceNow, Santander streamlined its processes with better-performing facility, security and crisis management systems and improved user experiences for its managers and end users. It also benefited from better insights and greater transparency in its global facility and security services.

“The consolidation of existing and new facility management capabilities to a new platform was a crucial part of our business transformation journey,” said Galo Gilarranz Vicente, Real Estate, General Services and Security, Banco Santander.

“DXC’s CIR application has allowed us to reduce costs by rationalizing the global application landscape, standardize our processes and increase employee efficiency with automation.”

The Nordex Group improves worker safety with DXC

The Nordex Group tapped the DXC Health, Safety and Environment Suite (HSE) for ServiceNow, which is part of DXC’s CIR portfolio, to create a safety-driven culture throughout its global operations. With the DXC suite, the Nordex Group experienced a more streamlined process to reduce worker hazards and prevent incidents before they occur.

“Nordex is committed to worker safety, implementing proper processes to prevent and quickly respond to work-related incidents,” said Philipp Marten, program manager, Business Systems, Nordex Group. “With DXC’s HSE solution, we were able to reduce the complexity of our system, streamline reporting and create a safer work environment throughout our global operations.”

DXC is offering this application for free for 120 days to complement and enhance the capabilities of ServiceNow Emergency Response Management applications.

“Operational risk management is a crucial part of how ServiceNow enables resilience for our customers for both IT and non-IT operations,” said David Parsons, senior vice president, Global Alliances and Channel Ecosystem, ServiceNow.

“Corporate Incident Response from DXC Technology exemplifies the innovative applications that extend the value of the Now Platform and our Risk and Business Continuity portfolio to serve critical and emerging use cases for joint customers enterprise-wide.”

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