PingCAP launches TiDB Cloud, a fully-managed database as a service offering

PingCAP, the team behind TiDB, announced the launch of TiDB Cloud (beta), a fully-managed database as a service offering that allows customers to launch TiDB clusters with just a few clicks. TiDB Cloud is immediately available on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with more platform support in the works.

TiDB has been adopted by around 1,000 companies, delivering value across industries with its horizontal scalability, MySQL compatibility, strong consistency, and high availability. However, many fast-growing businesses want fully-managed distributed SQL database solutions so that they can focus more on their applications to create business value.

According to Max Liu, PingCAP’s co-founder and CEO, “We’re well aware of this surging demand. Thanks to the cloud-native design of TiDB, we released the public preview version of TiDB Cloud.

“After intensive evolution, and incorporating feedback from preview users, TiDB Cloud is now in its beta version and is capable of processing massive-scale, mission-critical transactional and real-time analytics workloads.

“For companies who want a hassle-free and resilient distributed SQL database hosted by reliable professionals, TiDB Cloud is an ideal choice.”

TiDB Cloud will always stay up to date with TiDB releases and have access to the latest features. The TiDB Cloud beta launch coincides with TiDB 4.0 GA, which marks a big advancement towards PingCAP’s vision of a real-time Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP), elastic, and cloud-native database.

TiDB 4.0’s new features such as Backup and Restore, Change Data Capture (CDC), visual monitoring, diagnostics tools, and security features including Transparent Data Encryption will be directly benefiting TiDB Cloud, providing customers with a one-stop distributed SQL experience in the cloud.

Other important features including HTAP and elastic scheduling capabilities will be available in TiDB Cloud in Q3, 2020.

TiDB Cloud is managed and supported by the same team that has designed, tuned, and operated TiDB for about 1,000 companies across multiple mission-critical segments such as financial services, e-commerce platforms, SaaS solutions, and social network applications.

Enterprise support is available 24/7 for TiDB Cloud users, so customers can rest assured that their data is safe and their services are always on.

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