New infosec products of the week: October 2, 2020

Cohesity SiteContinuity: Protecting business-critical apps across a single platform

Cohesity SiteContinuity is an automated disaster recovery solution that is integrated with the company’s backup and continuous data protection capabilities — making it the only web-scale, converged solution to protect applications across tiers, service levels, and locations on a single platform.

infosec products October 2020

Stealthbits SbPAM 3.0: A modernized and simplified approach to PAM

SbPAM 3.0 continues Stealthbits’ commitment to renovate and simplify PAM. The company approaches PAM from the perspective of the abundance of privileged activities that need to be performed, not a group of privileged admins needing accounts.

infosec products October 2020

BullGuard 2021 security suite features multi-layered protection

The BullGuard 2021 security suite empowers consumers to confidently perform sensitive online transactions in absolute safety and rest assured knowing cyber threats are stopped dead in their tracks. BullGuard 2021 blocks malicious behavior before it can do damage, even when malware attempts to intentionally take a consumer’s device offline.

infosec products October 2020

Siemens Energy MDR defends energy companies against cyberattacks

MDR’s technology platform, Eos.ii, leverages AI and machine learning methodologies to gather and model real-time energy asset intelligence. This allows Siemens Energy’s cybersecurity experts to monitor, detect and uncover attacks before they execute.

infosec products October 2020

Fleek launches Space, an open source, private file storage and collaboration platform

Space’s mission is to enable a fully private, peer to peer (p2p) file and work collaboration experience for users. Space is built on Space Daemon, the open source framework, and backend of the platform. Space Daemon enables other apps, similar to Space, to build privacy-focused, encrypted p2p apps.

infosec products October 2020

AWS launches Amazon Timestream, a serverless time series database for IoT and operational applications

Amazon Timestream simplifies the complex process of data lifecycle management with automated storage tiering that stores recent data in memory and automatically moves historical data to a cost-optimized storage tier based on predefined user policies.

infosec products October 2020

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