Kemp acquires Flowmon for NDR and predictive network performance monitoring

Flowmon Networks has been acquired by Kemp. The acquisition brings together application delivery and security services with deep network visibility and automated security incident response.

Joining these capabilities together arms NetSecOps teams with early detection of advanced threats and network anomalies along with complete active feedback loops for remediation.

The network is essential to application experience, serving as the ultimate source of truth for troubleshooting application disruptions and detecting sophisticated cyber-attacks. Kemp optimizes AX with intelligent traffic steering, authentication and inline web application attack mitigation across more than 100,000 deployments worldwide.

The integration with Flowmon’s comprehensive network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) and NDR solution stack will extend overall application experience control for network and security teams by increasing observability and creating a bridge between applications and the network.

“We are excited to extend the value offered to customers in the areas of infrastructure security, network observability and automated incident response by welcoming Flowmon to the Kemp family,” said Ray Downes, CEO of Kemp Technologies. “The expansion of Kemp’s portfolio to include Flowmon’s solutions will provide customers the ideal combination of network analysis, preemptive threat detection and workload delivery for optimal, uninterrupted user and application experience.”

Flowmon’s machine learning (ML)-driven behavior analysis and anomaly detection provides the necessary early detection of the most subtle exploits by malicious actors before they have a negative impact. Integration with front-end proxy, load balancing and application firewalling means that tightly integrated closed feedback and remediation loops can be created that not only provide high-fidelity insights, but also solve the root cause of issues that lead to AX degradation.

Founded in 2007, Flowmon focuses on actionable network intelligence that enables businesses to ensure the performance of networks and the security of the enterprise. Headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, Flowmon has global channel operations extending to more than 40 countries. The company has more than 1,200 customers worldwide, including AEGON, SEGA, Tieto, Raiffeisen Bank, Kia Motors, KBC, and Orange, and is recognized by Gartner in the NPMD and NDR categories.

“We have focused on helping NetSecOps teams protect and better understand their networks, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with Kemp to put our network intelligence capabilities in the hands of more customers globally,” said Jiří Tobola, CEO and co-founder of Flowmon Networks. “With more distributed users and applications, and the increasing use of public and private clouds, we look forward to pairing our solutions to help more customers uncover the unknown threats to their enterprise and ensure the continuous availability of business-critical services.”

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