KABN partners with The Campus Agency to reach the US college and university market

KABN announces that it has entered into an agreement to partner with The Campus Agency to create innovative engagement programs for Liquid Avatar to reach the US college and university student, alumni and family market.

KABN NA and The Campus Agency will be working together to engage micro-influencers, develop and launch innovative engagement and Augmented Reality programs to introduce the college and university market to the Liquid Avatar and KABN value programs.

The partnership goals are to increase brand awareness, maximize engagement, educate users on the value proposition of Self Sovereign Identity, and generate user benefits and revenue for the partnership program.

With reach to over 2,000 US College and University campuses and over 1.5 Million Gen Z students, alumni and families, The Campus Agency has been supporting innovative direct to student and online marketing programs for over 40 years.

“We’re excited to bring our 40 years of creating success on campus and digital initiatives to Liquid Avatar and to bring this important and innovative program to our collegiate communities, allowing users to manage and control their digital identity and future credentials safely and securely,” said Chris Nyland, Chief Operating Officer, The Campus Agency.

“This is our second program with KABN North America and Liquid Avatar, as we’re already jointly a part of the COVID-19 consortium for creating Verifiable Identity Healthcare Credential.”

KABN North America’s mission is to empower users to manage, control and financially benefit from their biometrically verified Self Sovereign Identity.

Launching in the coming weeks, KABN NA’s Liquid Avatar platform allows users to create high quality digital icons of themselves, representing various facets of their personality that allows them to share what they want, when they want, and with whom they want, as easily as sharing an image.

Liquid Avatar users will also be able to create digital wallets to manage and store a wide range of verifiable identity and access credentials, providing users with the tools and services to take their conventional identity online, and prove themselves as easily and effectively as they do in the “real world”.

“The collegiate market and Gen Z cohort are primary opportunities for Liquid Avatar and KABN” said David Lucatch, CEO KABN.

“These groups are major influencers to their friends and families, and we believe that we can offer users a wealth of value and increase their ability to manage their Self Sovereign Identity through our tools and services. The Campus Agency is the perfect organization to complement our efforts and to partner with.”

KABN KASH, in combination with its KABN Visa Card (currently available in Canada with expansion opportunities for the US currently being explored), provides access to over 300 brand-named merchants that will reward users with cash back on their online purchases.

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