Bitwarden Send: Sharing data while maintaining security and limiting exposure

Bitwarden announced the release of Bitwarden Send, an innovative feature for one-to-one secure information sharing.

With the rise of digital business, teams need to share sensitive data regularly. Without the right tools, employees (and even IT leaders) default to unsecure methods for sharing, including email, instant messaging, and shared documents. Unfortunately, breaches due to poorly managed passwords continue to make headlines, often with tragic consequences.

Bitwarden Send allows any user to securely share a piece of information, such as text or a file, with another person temporarily to reduce the risk of exploitation and data loss. You do not need to have a Bitwarden account to receive a Send. The new feature is available on all Bitwarden clients.

Consider when you need to share tax documents with your accountant. Rather than emailing these sensitive documents as attachments, you can now temporarily share them in a secure one-to-one message using Bitwarden Send. This solves the need to share the information quickly and privately without risking future exposure.

Bitwarden Send emphasizes best practices for sharing and empowers users to take responsibility for protecting their data.

  • Transmit securely: Information shared is end-to-end AES-256 bit encrypted and can be 100% hidden from third-party applications with the addition of a password.
  • Limit exposure: Users can set expiration dates and access limits for shared information, reducing the risk of unintentional data leaks.
  • Share text and files: Bitwarden Premium users can use Send to share any type of information, like passwords, documents, credentials, and more. Bitwarden users with free accounts have access to Send for text information only.
  • Maintain confidentiality: Avoid exposing shared information to intermediary systems or people. The Send is created and only accessible via a secure link. It can be password protected for added security.

Amid news of high-profile cyber attacks related to poor password security practices, companies are turning to Bitwarden to empower employees to safeguard sensitive data with password management.

With open source transparency, end-to-end encryption, and complete cross-platform access, Bitwarden is a fan-favorite for security-minded individuals. Bitwarden was also recently chosen as the best password manager by U.S. News & World Report and Wired UK.

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