uCloudlink partners with Shore-Access to distribute its products and connectivity services

uCloudlink has signed a distribution contract with Shore-Access Marine Consultancy to distribute its products and connectivity services in Philippines, Japan, Australia and Africa.

The alliance will increase uCloudlink’s sales and distribution channels in these markets, while expanding its partner ecosystem and paving the way for limitless business opportunities.

Shore Access is already a global distributor of uCloudlink’s flagship GlocalMe device, which offers reliable, high-speed mobile data solutions for international and domestic travelers.

As part of the expanded partnership, Shore Access will also distribute uCloudlink’s Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) router device and data connectivity services in the Philippines, Japan, Australia and Africa.

A substitute for traditional fixed-line broadband, uCloudlink’s GlocalMe devices and CPE leverages uCloudlink’s patented Cloud SIM technology, which enables users to freely and flexibly use mobile data connectivity services provided by different service operators without being restricted by geography, carriers, or roaming agreements and will provide users in with fast, safe and convenient access to the Internet domestically and abroad.

Shore Access will also distribute uCloudlink’s data connectivity services, which utilize uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platform to integrate and intelligently allocate resources of data service suppliers, terminal suppliers and application developers to enhance the user experience.

The strengthened partnership with Shore Access is a testament to uCloudlink’s product quality and supreme data connectivity services, as well as an effective and asset-light approach for uCloudlink’s global market development.

Together with its business partners, uCloudlink can better meet the various demands of mobile networks and application scenarios with additional diversified product lines.

With its commitment to create a seamless and safe mobile network, uCloudlink has endeavored to team up with a wide range of business partners globally aiming to offer reliable connections and data connectivity services to its clients.

uCloudlink’s connectivity services has data allowance from more than 140 countries and over 200 mobile network operators (MNOs).

At the same time, uCloudlink is gaining pace and popularity in global markets as a result of its flexible business models, ever evolving its PaaS and SaaS ecosystem and superior connectivity services for end users, the company is well-placed to maintain its highly competitive position as the market recovers.

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