HPE Ezmeral software portfolio helps orgs unify access to data to fuel their DX initiatives

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced advancements to the HPE Ezmeral software portfolio, with new products and partnerships designed to help organizations unify access to data, from edge to cloud, to fuel their digital transformation initiatives.

Together, the HPE Ezmeral portfolio provides customers with an end-to-end hybrid cloud analytics platform that improves quality, repeatability, throughput, and time to value for their AI/ML, analytics and data-intensive workloads.

Updates include the following:

  • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric – Now available as a standalone offering in addition to being available as an integrated component of the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops). The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric brings a persistent storage layer to streamline the entire machine learning model lifecycle across on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and edge environments.
  • A new HPE Ezmeral Technology Ecosystem program, which includes ISVs such as Dataiku, MinIO, H2O.AI, Rapt.AI, Run:AI, Sysdig, and Unravel, that have validated their applications on HPE Ezmeral, allowing customers to more rapidly create streamlined analytics environments.
  • A new HPE Ezmeral Marketplace available to customers that brings the top ISVs and open-source projects such as Apache Spark, Tensorflow, and many more, to enterprises looking to modernize their workloads to be cloud-native.

“HPE Ezmeral is invaluable to our customers that are now embracing a digital-first strategy, as is evident with our continued growth into new enterprise accounts,” said Kumar Sreekanti, CTO and Head of Software, HPE.

“The enterprises that use data and artificial intelligence effectively are better equipped to evolve rapidly in a dynamic, constantly changing marketplace.

“The separate HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric data store and new HPE Ezmeral Marketplace provide enterprises with the environment of their choice, and with visibility and governance across all enterprise applications and data through an open, flexible, cloud experience everywhere.”

Enterprises are looking to mature their data analytics capabilities and processes to build an analytics factory that can rapidly create applications and drive initiatives that will help them differentiate their organization in the marketplace.

To accomplish this, they need to employ an industrialized approach to data science to support many users, tools, and steps in order to deliver an end-to-end, automated analytics solution to improve quality and accelerate time to value for the business.

The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is ideal as the global file system foundation for large scale custom applications, a data lake for analytics applications, and software-defined storage for large scale container environments.

It is now available as a software-defined, scale-out data store to help solve challenges for data-intensive applications from edge to cloud.

Additionally, as organizations look to modernize their enterprise workloads, the HPE Ezmeral ecosystem brings the top open-source projects and ISVs together for access to the data and tools enterprises prefer, all in one control plane for the entire data science team.

The HPE Ezmeral software portfolio is a purpose-built, hybrid cloud platform for data science and analytics workloads for enterprises to build and accelerate their modern data analytics initiatives at scale.

It is composed of a complete orchestrated Kubernetes container platform along with a built-in persistent storage layer and ML Ops for data science workflows.

The HPE Ezmeral portfolio plays an essential role in the HPE edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service strategy. Combined with HPE GreenLake cloud services, which provide an agile, lower cost, and consistent cloud experience everywhere, customers can use the HPE Ezmeral software portfolio to rapidly transform and modernize all their applications and data, and streamline analytic workloads, all in an as-a-service model.

The HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops are available as cloud services through HPE GreenLake now, and HPE plans to offer the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric as a HPE GreenLake service in the future.

The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric operates as the persistent store facility, and is now available separately as a software-defined, scale-out data store optimized for data analytics capabilities.

It can span multiple edge sites, multiple clouds, and hybrid environments, and is managed through one instance accessible via a global namespace.

Enterprises can create a unified data repository for data scientists, developers, and IT to access and use, and with control of how it is used and shared, creating the foundation for digital transformation that reaches new data sources and scales with the business as it grows.

The HPE Ezmeral Marketplace delivers a rapidly growing set of validated full stack solutions from ISV partners that enable customers to build their analytics engines, including Dataiku and Run:AI, and open-source projects such as Apache Spark, and Tensorflow.

HPE plans to add more ISV partners to the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace every quarter. This marketplace delivers additional ecosystem stack support of core use cases and workloads for customers, including big data and AI/ML use cases.

“The HPE Ezmeral Marketplace allows us to connect with enterprises embarking on modernizing their data analytics and data science workloads,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO, Dataiku.

“The combination of Dataiku with the HPE Ezmeral software will help our customers to successfully scale and operationalize their machine learning projects, delivering real impact for their business.”

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