WALLIX provides enhanced data monitoring and secure remote access for healthcare orgs

WALLIX announced a new initiative to support the healthcare sector. Following a year of high demand and accelerated digital transformation, WALLIX now provides enhanced data monitoring and secure remote access through an all-in-one-bundle.

With this new package, NHS customers have access to WALLIX Bastion for up to 20 user licences and 400 resources with free deployment.

WALLIX Bastion includes a comprehensive range of access security features such as Session Manager and Password Manager, enabling complete data protection and business continuity.

The platform also ensures compliance with the security standards required as part of NHS Digital’s Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit.

WALLIX has over a decade of experience in supporting healthcare organisations worldwide and the sector is a key part of its continued international growth.

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare organisations were able to leverage free WALLIX Bastion remote licences and the new initiative further highlights the company’s continued commitment to help providers bolster their cyber security.

Currently, WALLIX Bastion is deployed by over 120 healthcare customers worldwide, and further highlighting its accelerated growth, the company recently announced its work with NHS Birmingham in the UK.

In addition, WALLIX will also be bringing together leading experts from the healthcare industry for a virtual roundtable event.

Experts will openly discuss the new challenges of a hyper connected healthcare sector and share best practises and advice, digging into the impact of COVID, how to accelerate digital transformation and the importance of compliance.

Majid Mohammed, Account Manager at WALLIX added, “The healthcare sector is facing growing pressure to digitally transform, while still remaining secure and compliant.

“During this period of change and high demand, it is our mission to support healthcare organisations, providing the most efficient tools possible that will support modern IT demands, while still enabling data security and business continuity.

“We are working with healthcare organisations across the globe and we are committed to ensuring providers will be compliant with the DSP Toolkit in June, while still remaining agile and innovate.”

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