PKWARE to offer their data discovery tool as part of TrustArc’s platform

TrustArc and PKWARE announced a partnership to offer PKWARE’s data discovery tool, DG Discovery, as part of the TrustArc platform. TrustArc will integrate its data mapping, data subject access requests (DSARs) and data flow capabilities with PKWARE’s data discovery offering, which specializes in data management, information governance and regulatory compliance.

A powerful, flexible and easy-to-use platform with no coding required, DG Discovery brings the following features to TrustArc customers:

  • Machine learning to uncover hidden data that may be semantically ambiguous, whether on premise or in the cloud.
  • Unique indexing to find key data more efficiently throughout an enterprise.
  • Continuous monitoring of an organization’s information and can also encrypt or mask data.
  • Accelerated time-to-value with a single-pane view to enable management of sensitive data.

TrustArc privacy automation platform brings robust privacy management capabilities to PKWARE customers leveraging their DG Discovery data to simplify privacy compliance globally.

“DG Discovery assists our customers who were looking for an accessible solution for automating end-to-end privacy management,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “It provides organizations with the opportunity to enhance their privacy management and more deeply harness the power of their data, through data discovery, data mapping and individual rights management.”

Current PKWARE Discovery users have quickly realized the benefits of the offering, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which uses the tool to protect sensitive data across its environments.

“Privacy management is a priority across our organization,” said Yvette Wilson, Director, Data Privacy at GIA. “DG Discovery will give our teams the control they need to safely protect our data to further our mission to protect consumers.”

The partnership lets joint customers of TrustArc and PKWARE fulfill DSARs, which involve data subjects requesting information from a company on how it will use their data. DG Discovery platform will automate entry of data elements and personally identifiable information (PII) metadata.

“Data lives in many different locations that organizations may or may not be aware of. DG Discovery is able to find that information, creating metadata and PII, preventing critical errors in the process and saving users countless hours each month,” said JT Sison, SVP of Global Partnerships, PKWARE. “As privacy regulations continue to become more complex in the U.S. and across the globe, harnessing a tool like DG Discovery will soon become standard practice.”

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