Everbridge and WizNucleus partner to increase digital and physical security for the energy industry

Everbridge and WizNucleus announced a partnership to increase digital and physical security for some of the world’s largest nuclear, electric, and other utility companies. The partnership helps expand CEM adoption within the energy industry.

Through the partnership, WizNucleus customers gain seamless access to Everbridge’s CEM solutions, including Control Center, helping increase preparedness for a wide range of digital and physical threats.

WizNucleus offers deep domain expertise in the operational and regulatory requirements of the nuclear industry, among other large enterprises. The company provides software, design engineering process, system integration, documentation and testing to support cyber and physical security to critical infrastructure customers.

Together, Everbridge and WizNucleus tackle the highly specialized challenges power generation companies face in maintaining modular, scalable, upgradeable, and self-serviceable systems, while meeting strict federal regulations.

“Combining Everbridge’s global critical event management leadership along with our software suite enables us to address dynamic cyber, physical and emergency management threats effectively,” said Krish Shetty, CEO, WizNucleus. “We painstakingly select the highest quality partners, and we chose Everbridge out of numerous other companies because of their caliber and willingness to support the objectives of our mission-critical customers.”

Numerous U.S. power generation parent companies leverage Everbridge CEM as their corporate emergency management platform. Protection of critical infrastructure at large power and other facilities remains vital as instances of cyberattacks against major national providers increase, interrupting supply chains and impacted economies.

Recently, a large U.S. nuclear plant selected WizNucleus/Everbridge to replace their protected area security computer system previously maintained by a proprietary vendor for years. The nuclear facility selected the new PSIM (Physical Security Integration Management) system to comply with industry regulations, while enabling adoption of new security technologies faster in the future.

Over 5,700 global customers rely on Everbridge to keep their people safe and organizations running in anticipation of, or amid, critical events.

Everbridge customers include some of the largest firms and leaders in their respective industries, including Fortune 1000 businesses such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Cisco, CVS Health, Goldman Sachs, Lowe’s, Tiffany & Co., and insurance providers like Anthem, chemical giant Dow, and telecom consumer electronics company Nokia, as well as some of Silicon Valley’s leading tech giants, global e-commerce firms, streaming media services, oil and natural gas providers, hotel and hospitality chains, automotive, courier delivery, aerospace and defense technology, air travel, and major car rental firms.

“We remain excited about our partnership with WizNucleus which enables Everbridge to expand critical event management adoption among major nuclear and electric grid providers amidst an increasingly volatile and uncertain global threat landscape,” said Vernon Irvin, Chief Revenue Officer at Everbridge.

“For mission-critical infrastructure and energy providers, the ability to assess and successfully accelerate the response to, and mitigation of, cyber and physical threats often mean the difference in effectively protecting life safety and vital resources that power our communities.”

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