MeasureOne announces expanded consumer-permissioned data PaaS offering

MeasureOne announced its newly expanded consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. Building on its expertise in bringing consumer-permissioned academic data, MeasureOne will now offer access to consumer-permissioned employment, income, and other consumer data types for any business that will benefit from a trusted, efficient and streamlined source for consumer information.

MeasureOne also recently closed an additional $3.2 million in funding to aid in the company’s market and product expansion from its existing investors, including Larry Rosenberger, research fellow and former CEO at FICO Corporation, and College Loan Corporation.

“Consumer data sharing is at the heart of the modern economy, underpinning access to valuable products, services and opportunities, and redefining the relationship between businesses and consumers,” said Elan Amir, CEO, MeasureOne.

“Our platform-as-a-service offering uniquely empowers businesses to leverage consumer-permissioned data to enhance their products and services. By offering education, employment and income data, we are able to support a wide range of applications, from prospective employer background checks, income and employment verifications for loans applications and housing/apartment rentals, and student enrollment verification for retail discount qualifications. Using the capabilities of consumer-permissioned data, we power these applications efficiently and easily, while ensuring consumer privacy and guaranteeing data provenance.”

MeasureOne’s products provide the infrastructure necessary for businesses to leverage consumer-permissioned data in their products and services. The company’s consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service is a comprehensive system for accessing, acquiring, parsing and delivering consumer data. The PaaS offers several key benefits to businesses:

  • Programmatic access to an expanding range of permissioned consumer data, limited only by the consumer’s willingness to share
  • Consumer-friendly privacy protections that establish trust between businesses and their customers
  • Guaranteed data quality and provenance through direct access to data sources
  • Data science based services and insights that take advantage of previously inaccessible information
  • Embeddable user experience components that drive the consumer-permissioned process between linking businesses and their consumers

“MeasureOne is transforming how consumer data is being shared by providing businesses with valuable information from trusted data sources with consumer approval,” said Larry Rosenberger, research fellow and former CEO at FICO Corporation.

The MeasureOne PaaS also transforms the consumer’s trust in data sharing. With MeasureOne’s permission-based approach, consumers can confidently share their data, knowing that only the information they have consented to will be shared with the requested businesses.

This opens up new opportunities for both businesses and consumers to benefit from a new information sharing relationship. MeasureOne’s offering is designed to meet the needs of businesses across industries, including employers, lenders, insurers, property managers, academic institutions, and marketers, who need access to consumer-permissioned education, employment and income data, in order to process and approve hiring and background checks, home loan, auto loan, private loan, housing rentals, insurance and education applications, as well as retail discount qualifications.

“MeasureOne has changed the game for consumer data access and verification,” said Marc Linchuck, COO, Global Investigative Services. “MeasureOne’s consumer-permissioned data platform provides our clients’ applicants a user friendly experience; expediting the verification, and delivering accurate results.”

“Consumer-permissioned data is the future of data sharing and the key to developing stronger, trusted relationships with businesses and their customers,” said Carlos Lacambra, President, Plexus Global. “MeasureOne’s platform-based approach will allow us to provide our consumer customers with the means to share their data with us directly in a secure and privacy-aware manner, enabling us to better serve them with our products and services.”

In conjunction with the announcement of MeasureOne’s new consumer-permissioned data platform, the company launched its revamped website to reflect its expanded services and added value now available to businesses.

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