Armorblox collaborates with Intermedia to protect customers from advanced email attacks

Armorblox announced a strategic technology partnership with Intermedia to protect customers from advanced email attacks that target potentially vulnerable users.

Armorblox technology powers AI Guardian, included with Intermedia Email Protection, to detect and alert users to sophisticated email attacks that weaponize the context of communications to steal money and data.

With the world entering an age of hybrid work, people can accomplish great things from anywhere and are embedded in scores of digital workflows. Most of those workflows involve email and can potentially be hijacked by cybercriminals using impersonation and social engineering techniques to bypass traditional email security layers.

In the 2020 Internet Crime Report, the FBI reported receiving 241,342 phishing-related complaints in 2020, a 110% increase over the previous year. The same report also cited $1.86 billion in reported losses due to Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) attacks.

Powered by Armorblox, AI Guardian analyzes thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and language to help stop these advanced email attacks. By integrating these advanced capabilities into Intermedia Email Protection, Intermedia offers businesses of any size highly effective security with a new layer of enterprise-level AI-based security that is affordable, reliable, easy to use, and specifically designed to stop targeted attacks that are intended to evade traditional detection. AI Guardian also helps prevent sensitive data like PII and PCI from falling into the wrong hands over email.

“Our mission at Armorblox has always been to make modern email security accessible to as many businesses as possible,” said DJ Sampath, co-founder and CEO of Armorblox. “The partnership with Intermedia enables us to serve tens of thousands of businesses and counting across industries and sizes. This wealth of threat data also feeds back into our platform algorithms, lending unprecedented visibility into email threats seen in the wild.”

“Integrating AI Guardian into our email security architecture adds a new level of protection to our robust email security strategy,” said Alex Smith, Intermedia VP of Product Security and Analytics. “BEC and related attacks represent a dangerous new class of cyberthreats that are easy to execute and hard to detect. With Armorblox’s unique Natural Language Understanding approach, we are able to better serve our customers by helping identify and stop threats that hide their payload within email language and context.”

“Our decision to invest in Armorblox was driven by the magnitude of the customer problem and how the platform combined true enterprise-grade security with consumer-grade simplicity to solve the problem,” said T.J. Rylander, General Partner at Next47. “Email risk is a bottom-line concern for every company, and we are delighted for Armorblox to join forces with Intermedia to cast its protective net far and wide.”

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