ProcessMAP releases innovations to accelerate customers’ digital transformation

ProcessMAP announced that during the first half of the calendar year 2021, the company released more than 150 innovations to meet the rapidly evolving needs of customers in the areas of digital transformation, data analytics, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Key innovations and enhancements released in first half of 2021

Empowering customers on their sustainability journey

Introduced advanced data visualization widgets, which can be leveraged to create Key Performance Indicator (KPI) level visualizations right on the homepage. Additionally, the ESG data audit functionality has been further strengthened by adding KPI level verification along with program-level verifications.

Managing asset risk management (ARM)

The recently released ARM solution provides a strategic approach to managing assets and the risks associated with them. As a result, asset-centric compliance and risk management processes such as audits, inspections, calibrations, testing, safe work permits, Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs) will now allow customers to have a more holistic view of the health of their assets.

Bringing 360 degree view to enable informed decision making

Workbenches (system landing pages) provide a 360-degree view of data and links to various program areas such Incident Reporting & Investigation, Risk Management, and Action Plan Management; and enable users to create and share their views by using the ProcessMAP widget library.

The widget library offers more than 60 widgets (data visualizations) and offers limitless possibilities with built-in options for customizations.

Improving incident lifecycle management

ProcessMAP’s new interactive workflow visualization makes it highly intuitive for customers to better manage the lifecycle of any incident – from initial reporting through investigation and execution of countermeasures.

Enabling employee competency management

Employee learning and competency form the foundation of building a sustainable safety culture. ProcessMAP’s latest release offers expanded web and mobile functionalities to better manage and optimize the training process, improving the end-user experience, and enhancing visibility and compliance.

Accelerating digital transformation with no-code app development and deployment platform

ProcessMAP’s no-code Connected Workers mobile apps help in increasing cross-functional collaboration, adopting integrated approaches to continuous improvement, and driving predictive and prescriptive risk management strategies.

With the new platform releases, the AppStudio provides enhanced configurable alerts and reminder notifications, conditional printing of custom reports from mobile, access to many more system data sources, the ability to import data into an app, and take advantage of outbound APIs.

Empowering connected workers with online and offline mobile solutions

With a 300% increase in ProcessMAP’s enterprise-scale mobile platform adoption within the last 2 years, the 2021 releases have further expanded the mobile capabilities to allow workers and EHS stakeholders to access, view, and utilize key policies, procedures, work instructions, and other approved documents anywhere, anytime, on-demand.

Enabling analytics-driven decisions

ProcessMAP’s enhanced data packages and advanced analytics platform empower customers with information that can help in better understanding of their current state and accelerate better decision making.

Removing data silos via integrations with enterprise data warehouse

Rapid integration of EHS and sustainability has necessitated EHS data integration across all business functions such as manufacturing, operations, human resources, and facility management.

With the recent release of an expanded ProcessMAP’s API library, customers can push their data from the ProcessMAP platform to their internal and/or cloud-based data warehouses and data analytics hubs to manage organizational compliance, business risks, and opportunities for improvements.

Inspiring collaboration to minimize risk

ProcessMAP’s new innovations play a key role in supporting collaboration within and between employees and contractors, especially for planning, managing, and safely executing high-risk activities with upgraded solutions in Permit-To-Work (PTW), Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR), and Management of Change (MOC), among others.

“At ProcessMAP, our customers are key partners in our product innovation pipeline, and this partnership has enabled us to deliver innovations that drive digital transformation in EHS, ESG, and ORM functions,” said Jagan Garimella, CTO of ProcessMAP Corporation.

“Customers trust ProcessMAP’s software and analytics to protect their workers and the environment. The new release delivers functionalities to meet these objectives and the rapidly evolving business priorities,” said Tina Duffy, VP of Product Management at ProcessMAP Corporation.

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