Tanium as a Service now available via local data centers in Canada, the UK, Brazil and Australia

Tanium announced that its cloud-based endpoint visibility and control solution, Tanium as a Service (TaaS), is now available via local data centers in Canada, the UK, Brazil and Australia to support customers. It is also newly-listed on the AWS Marketplace.

By delivering TaaS via local data centers, Tanium is able to provide customers in these regions with enhanced TaaS performance, better support for their compliance programs and high-fidelity endpoint data to inform their critical IT decisions. Organizations from other countries can also use the newly-available data centers, as well as the facilities already available in Germany, the U.S. and Japan.

Additionally, TaaS has recently become available on the AWS Marketplace, which makes it the first consolidated endpoint management and security tool to be delivered on the platform. This allows AWS customers of all sizes to access the full range of TaaS capabilities, such as incident response and the remote delivery of fixes or patches to vulnerable devices.

These announcements come as many organizations are stepping up their support for a remote or hybrid workforce which demands the kind of increased business agility that can be provided by cloud-delivered, as-a-service solutions.

According to the recent report from analyst firm ESG titled ‘New Priorities for IT Operations: Be Ready for Whatever Comes Next,’ IT teams are accelerating digital transformation initiatives as they better understand how to stabilize, optimize, and sustain modern working environments. The report elaborates that converging platforms, leveraging automation for agility, and embracing the move to the cloud offer clear benefits for both business and IT leaders as they adapt to the new way of working.

TaaS, which was launched in July 2020, leverages Tanium’s patented architecture. It allows customers of all sizes to perform important IT operations, risk and security tasks with zero infrastructure and therefore no infrastructure related overheads. The platform offers organizations a high level of scalability and visibility as their number of endpoints grows.

“We hear a lot about how big enterprises are facing IT challenges such as supporting a remote workforce and responding to ransomware attacks, but small to medium-sized organizations are also facing the same issues,” said Pete Constantine, Chief Product Officer at Tanium.

“They need real-time endpoint data and visibility to overcome these challenges, delivered through a platform that operates without any infrastructure requirements. This can now be accessed at the click of a button via the AWS Marketplace, which is a really simple way to start using the product.”

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