Frost & Sullivan names Group-IB a leader in the global cyber threat intelligence market

Group-IB has been named one of the leaders in the global cyber threat intelligence market by Frost & Sullivan.

According to “Frost Radar: Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Market, 2021,” Group-IB with its proprietary Threat Intelligence & Attribution (TI&A) platform is one of the most innovative threat intelligence vendors and the third-largest one, enjoying an over 15-percent share of the global market.

Frost Radars represent analytical research reports that benchmark companies’ innovation focus and growth performance. Frost & Sullivan analysts particularly highlighted the growth rate of the company, having noted its average revenue growth of 72% in the course of the past three years.

Group-IB TI&A system, offering customer-tailored data on threats and attackers, is trusted by leading banks and financial organizations, state agencies, telecom and FMCG companies in over 60 countries of the world.

The system’s broad collection capabilities covering various subsets of battleground intelligence including APTs, malware, and criminal activity gathered as part of incident response operations and international investigations enable each of our customers to have a tailored region-specific threat landscape that switches accordingly to the changes in the actions and strategies of adversaries.

“Group-IB is rapidly gaining mindshare in the cybersecurity industry and threat intelligence community,” the report read. “Group-IB recognizes the importance of tackling cybercrime for public security and forms partnerships with law enforcement agencies and non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations worldwide. Such initiatives contribute to Group-IB’s recognition as a trusted intelligence provider.”

The urgency of the Threat Intelligence solutions use was reflected in the recent updates to the information security standard of the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 27002, intended for those responsible for maintaining information security management systems of various organizations. The latest amendments including Threat Intelligence controls highlight the TI solutions growing importance for supporting corporate security teams in proactive hunting for upcoming threats.

Group-IB’s TI&A provides high fidelity insight into adversaries targeting organizations, their partners and clients. Organizations around the world use Group-IB TI&A to prevent, deter and defeat cybersecurity incidents by analyzing and attributing cyberattacks, hunting for threats, and fortifying network infrastructure.

Group-IB has gathered data from extensive cyberintelligence infrastructure from a comprehensive and unique range of sources including exclusive data from investigations conducted with our law enforcement partners. This allowed Group-IB to build one of the industry’s best databases, including the largest dark web repository over the last 18 years.

Group-IB traces threats and maps each data point to attribute attacks and discover who is behind them, the techniques they use, and how they identify targets. This data enables further effective investigation of cybersecurity incidents by police forces as it was the case with INTERPOL’s recent operation Lyrebird that originated from the data gathered with the help of Group-IB’s TI&A.

Organizations can use Group-IB’s award-winning Graph network analysis to correlate and analyze threat actors and events. Alternatively, they can consume intelligence by integrating Group-IB TI&A directly into their security ecosystem thanks to numerous integration options. Powered by over 100+ patents for unique innovations Group-IB boasts broad capabilities making it a one-stop-shop for threat intelligence analysts.

Organizations can augment their internal capabilities with Group-IB’s inhouse Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-GIB), and Investigations team. This enables organizations to utilize the extensive experience of highly skilled analysts at a moment’s notice should they need assistance with investigations or incident response.

“Developing its solutions, Group-IB has been trying to ensure a proactive protection for its customers by equipping them with tools that can foresee attackers’ behavior,” comments Group-IB CTO and co-founder Dmitry Volkov.

“This is achieved thanks to Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution’s huge database containing over a billion domains, SSL-certificates, hundreds of millions IP-addresses, as well as the history of all the changes in the global network for the past 10 years. This database makes it possible to extract the digital fingerprint of a specific cybercriminal or cybercrime gang targeting our customers and determine his presumed identity. The data gathered can serve as a starting point for a further thorough investigation by law enforcement.”

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