Ketch raises $20M to expand its sales and go-to-market teams

Ketch announced it has closed on a Series A1 funding round, raising $20 million. This is a follow-up to a series A funding round that closed in March of this year, bringing the total of its series A investment to a significant $43 million.

The round was led by Acrew Capital with participation from CRV, super{set}, Ridge Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank, and will be used to continue Ketch’s rapid growth by expanding its sales and go-to-market teams to address unprecedented market demand.

“We want to help all companies, regardless of size or location, understand that they can still use data to grow their business and respect the data privacy of their prospects and customers,” explained Tom Chavez, CEO and Co-Founder of Ketch.

Ketch has revolutionized the market by introducing a data control platform for Programmatic Privacy, governance and security. The platform automates and orchestrates data control and consent management, ensuring that each consumer’s privacy preferences are honored and implemented automatically across every touchpoint.

Earlier this summer, Ketch introduced Ketch OTC, an easy and free-to-use privacy solution that streamlines all aspects of privacy and enables enterprises to build trust, conquer complexity, and ensure the success of their compliance programs.

Ketch’s customer base has grown by more than 300% since its March Series A announcement, a key indication of the intense need for solutions to streamline privacy compliance. Ketch helps companies overcome a myriad of privacy and data governance challenges: for example, Sixth Street Global chose Ketch’s data control platform to accelerate adoption of new technologies like Snowflake by unifying data governance and access control; Smartsheet and Prestige Consumer Healthcare rely on Ketch to automate their consent management and data subject request fulfillment processes.

“Different enterprises have different needs, but what all of our customers understand is that there is an essential imperative to respect data privacy and data dignity. They grasp that it’s possible to build value while honoring values, and are committed to the systemic pursuit of compliance and growth,” said Mr. Chavez.

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