SafeBase unveils Subscribe feature to deliver periodic reviews of critical vendors for enterprise customers

SafeBase announced its newest feature, Subscribe. On top of the already robust portal, which includes the Security Status Page, NDA automation, and Knowledge Base, SafeBase is now the go-to place when communicating important updates about your company’s security posture.

Companies can subscribe to a Security Status Page to be automatically alerted when there are updates. Some examples are new SOC2 audit reports, security breach alerts, among others. Upon this release, Chris Castaldo, CISO at Crossbeam, said “The subscribe feature will be a game-changer for enterprise customers who have requirements to conduct periodic reviews of critical vendors. This will give them real-time visibility into our cybersecurity maturity, saving them time … We’ll see a cost and time savings for both us and for customers.”

“We are proud to offer SafeBase to 50+ customers,” said Al Yang, CEO of SafeBase. “We have seen SOC2 report requests processed instantly, and we know that Subscribe will add to the hundreds of hours of manual processing time saved. Even better, we are seeing network effects with more companies wanting to share their security posture.”

Bret Bender, an Information Security Engineer at Jamf, is excited about SafeBase because it means he can “engage with customers and prospects in an easy to find space that lays out the most important information, and then they can drill down as they see fit.”

In his interview, Castaldo continued, “We’ve reduced sales cycles by an average of 7 days with our Security Status Page and [SafeBase’s] Salesforce integration. Our sales team is more informed when deals move to the security review process, as well as our customers who sometimes don’t have visibility into their own procurement processes.”

On top of these benefits, Matt Roeckel has seen Split’s volume of security questionnaires decrease by 50% since implementing SafeBase.

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