SecureAuth acquires Acceptto to deliver identity security and access control architecture for enterprises

SecureAuth has acquired Acceptto, an emerging company in passwordless authentication and behavioral modeling to infer whether a user is a threat before authentication, during authentication, and post-authorization.

SecureAuth Acceptto

The acquisition will position SecureAuth to take advantage of the increasingly strategic need for enterprises to better secure identities to support their growing hybrid workforce, increase digital engagement with customers, and move to the cloud and Zero-Trust Networks.

The acquisition of Acceptto accelerates SecureAuth’s vision of AI-driven continuous authentication and allows SecureAuth to be the preferred choice for user-friendly passwordless login.

“As an industry, we still have a long way ahead of us to deliver fully AI-based authentication policies that are not overly complex and inflexible. But all leading enterprises are asking us today to deliver intuitive high-fidelity authentication journeys to meet their present compliance and security requirements,” said Ravi Khatod, CEO and Executive Chairman, SecureAuth. “With this new AI-based identity assurance technology from Acceptto, we can expand the SecureAuth Identity Platform to provide a Zero-Trust security model for virtually every situation, simple or complex.”

This acquisition allows SecureAuth to deliver on the following:

  • Provide richer device security
  • Evaluate broader user context for passwordless continuous authentication
  • Employ threat intelligence insights for adaptive MFA
  • Accelerate continuous integration and delivery for the SecureAuth cloud IAM platform

Acceptto is a Portland, OR-based startup that developed a set of cloud AI-powered MFA and passwordless solutions. Acceptto’s technology allows for:

  • Frictionless CIAM and Workforce user experience for greater productivity and passwordless, risk-based authentication
  • Contextual based behavior, or BioBehavioral approach, delivering revolutionary threat intelligence and correlation of audit logs and telemetry
  • Simplified identity orchestration for all user types and risk profiles

“SecureAuth Identity Platform delivers passwordless authentication and adaptive and continuous authentication powered by AI/ML,” said Dan Broussard, Executive Vice President of Sales at Set Solutions, a partner of SecureAuth. “This is an exciting step to further build upon the robust Zero Trust identity security and access control architecture for enterprises to give the right access to the right users across multi-cloud environments.”

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